Take A Personality Test With Me!

I’m taking a psychology class this year and it’s really made me think more about the personality and what affects it etc.

Instead of actually doing some research and all that, I took the lazy route, like I normally do. I took a personality quiz that I found on Psych Central.

I’ll just be showing you my answers to the questions and then we’ll have a little discussion about my results.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.51.55 PM

It says that I’m an introvert, and I agree with that to an extent, but not fully. This past year, I’ve really been trying to put myself out there and go out more. So I guess I’d fall more towards the middle around a 4.5 out of 10.

As for agreeableness, I second these results, they’re pretty accurate.

Same goes for conscientiousness. I really pride myself on my self-discipline and work ethic, so I like that it’s reflected in these results.

Sadly, my emotional stability scores also reflect real life. Recently, I’ve been trying to control my emotions and consciously try to be happy, and it’s working for the most part, so I hope to see this change in the future.

Finally, openness to experiences. This one is an eh one. Again, this year, I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things that used to make me super uncomfortable etc. so I would say I’m pretty open to new things.

Sorry for all these super short posts, I’ll try to get some more meaty ones up soon <3.

Much love, Rawan 🖤  …