2017-2018 School Year Recap + Reflection

IT’S FINALLY OVER! Well, it’s been over for almost a month now, but let’s not focus on that right now.

Anyways, another school year has ended, and a long ass summer has started, and trust me, I need it.

You might have read my school update posts throughout the year, but if you haven’t, then check them out if you want to see my frantic new student thoughts, this post will make a lot more sense if you do. THE FIRST UPDATE. THE SECOND UPDATE.

It’s been an interesting year… Quite rough, but also really fun. As I mentioned, I switched schools, which was a pretty big change, as I moved to an IB school where I knew no one. Well kind of. I knew one girl since we went to school together from kindergarten to 5th grade,  but other than that, I knew no one.

The first couple months were made up of me trying to get the hang of the school system, spending lunch crying in the bathroom stalls (I know, such a cliche) and kind of hanging out with this group of girls (I love you Joud x2 and Dana x2).

A lot of my time was spent crying, and now that I look back at those times, I just want to tell myself that it gets better. It takes time to get to know people and build friendships, it was unrealistic for me to think that I’ll be close to everyone on the first day.

I do have to say, people weren’t all that welcoming the first day, and I can’t blame them. We all want to catch up with friends and shit, its normal. I also looked like that scary stereotype of a punk girl that talked to no one, but that’s a small detail. Something that I’ll make a conscious effort to do next year though is being extra friendly towards any new girls, just to make the first few weeks better, at least.

Other than that rough start there weren’t any problems throughout the next couple months. School work was going well, I made a close friend, I’d even call her a best friend. (yes, I said it) (also, hey, bitch, you’re probably not reading this because you never read my blog, but 🖤), and I was pretty happy. There were a couple drama moments, but what high school experience isn’t?

All was going pretty well up until the last 3 weeks of school. I was burnt out. I’ve been working super hard for the first bit, so my motivation was running low. I was staying up super late to study and trying to finish up a thousand and one different projects at the same time. I was burnt out by the time exams came about. I was crying and freaking the fuck out because of all the stress. Next year, I really need to pace myself and learn to take things slow, because I don’t want to have breakdowns left and right during exam week.

Another little thing I learned about myself this year was that I don’t like parties. At all. I knew this already, but I still kept trying to go and enjoy myself. They’re just not for me. I get super anxious, and I still don’t know everyone there, so I just awkwardly sit on my phone. I really don’t know why I keep trying. I’m more of a 2-5 people gathering type of girl.

Anyways, thank you for reading! Again, I’m sorry for not posting , I say this everytime. I don’t really know if I’ll ever be able to consistently post again, but I can try!

Much love, Rawan 🖤  …