2016-2017 School Year Recap + Thoughts on Moving Schools UPDATE

So it’s been almost two months since I first posted my thoughts on moving schools post, and I’m finally back to update you guys. If you haven’t read that post, then you should probably go do that first before continuing, because I reference it a lot here.

The first thing I mentioned in the pros section was the campus. I said it was amazing, and that’s such an understatement. I absolutely adore it. The library is huge and has couches (that I’m currently sitting on) and SO MANY GREAT BOOKS! Our old library only had a couple shelves and they weren’t all that interesting. I actually spend all (well most) of my breaks in there.

The classrooms are okay. We didn’t switch classes last year, so it was a bit of a shock when I came here and had to pack up and move every period. It’s okay though because I kind of learned how to cope with that and move quickly between classes.

About the whole IB thing… I haven’t had any IB tests yet. I’ll be taking my first one next quarter. Am I scared? Yes. Am I also interested to see how everything goes? Yes.

I quickly want to tell you guys about something I’ve realized about the IB. They find the most complicated ways to name things. A project suddenly is called an MYP task, and a progress test is called a formative assessment. CAN WE PLEASE JUST ADDRESS THINGS BY THEIR NORMAL NAMES? Please and thank you.

I mentioned that they have a wide selection of courses, and I still stand by that. I personally went for business and Spanish as my two electives, and… I have a few regrets.  I wish I went for French instead of Spanish because our Spanish class is a mess. We have a new teacher that barely knows English and knows nothing about managing a classroom. I swear the whole class consists of screaming and shouting. Ugh. You live and you learn I guess.

Choosing Spanish also shrunk my Arabic sessions to 3 days a cycle which as I mentioned is a lot better than every day. Something I didn’t expect to say though, is this: 3 days of Arabic is A LOT. I never thought I’d be complaining about this, but still. The teacher’s great and all, it’s just the subject. It makes me so anxious. I’m so bad at reading and writing that I start to sweat just thinking of her choosing me to go up and present

The whole fresh start thing wasn’t 100% true. I don’t think I mentioned this in my other post, but there’s this girl that used to go to my really shitty school a long time ago, and she’s here… Yay. That school seems to always haunt me wherever I go. She’s great and all, it made that whole fresh start thing false.

Now to the PE thing. UGHGHHGHH. It’s just like I expected. I hate PE with the burning passion of a 1000 suns. We had to choreograph a dance for this first quarter… I don’t dance… I don’t… PE. Like at all. I don’t know how I’m supposed to play sports and swim and RUN TRACK. IM HERE TO LEARN GODDAMNIT. I’m not here to sweat my ass off and smell like shit when I go to class. (UPDATE: I got body slammed during PE today. Yay)

What else? Oh, yeah. Drama. I don’t 100% dislike it, but I don’t like it either. I like writing plays, but I will not perform in one. I tend to do everything but act, well I kind of do… If you count narrating as acting

Now for a surprising positive twist. I like the uniform. I didn’t really when I just wore the skirt alone, but now that I wear leggings underneath, I don’t mind it at all. The PE uniform on the other hand… Let’s not talk about that mess.


There’s this group of friends that I really want to get into, but I’m too shy/nervous, most of the time. They choose me to be in their groups during class and have sat with me multiple times during class too. We’ve had a couple long-ish conversations, and one of the girls even came over to my place, but I don’t feel like we’re actually friends, you know? They also never ask me to go out with them when they make plans. I know this is all because I’m new. I know I shouldn’t be expecting them to like me only after 2 months of school, but still…

I don’t actually have any friends yet. I have a couple people that I talk to during class, a couple that I say hi to in the hallway and a couple that I don’t really talk to. Sooo… We’ll see how things will turn out.

Much love, Rawan 🖤 …