A Little Chit-Chat Life Update

It’s been a while since we sat down and talked, hasn’t it? I know I haven’t been posting consistently for the past couple months, and I don’t really have an excuse, I just haven’t been in the mood, which I actually talk about later in the post.

As I grow as a person, I try to grow my blog with me, and that’s why you’re going to see a couple differences in the next few weeks, nothing major, don’t worry.

I saw this prompt and it just said to sit down and write to your viewers as if you were on a coffee date with friends, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do!


If you go back and look through my posts, you’ll know that I haven’t been posting on my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule consistently for the past almost 3 months. You could say I was on a semi-hiatus as I only posted once every 2 weeks.

It was school at first, then Ramadan (read this post if you don’t know what Ramadan is), and then traveling, which I’ll talk about later. These aren’t really valid excuses because I could always make time for writing here and there, but I was just not in the mood to write. I would sit down and have a whole list of ideas to choose from, but I wouldn’t really be able to come up with the actual content.

I’ve had these blogging slumps before, but they’ve only lasted a couple weeks at most, this time it’s stretched out to 3 months.

At one point, I actually thought I’d never blog again, and that this whole thing was just not going to work out. Thankfully, I sat down a couple days ago and just planned out the blog posts that I want to work on in the month of July, and laid out a schedule on when I need to start working on them, which helps tremendously. Sitting down, brainstorming ideas and planning out the (near) future of my blog, really got me in the mood of writing again. I really recommend doing that if you’re in a blogging slump, or just want to start posting consistently.

That’s kind of what’s been happening with RMAI in the past couple months. You should be getting 3 posts a week 99% of the time now!

(I should really admit that another factor that’s been aiding my slump is The Long Dark. God, I got hooked and can’t stop playing it! I’ll have a whole post coming out on that soon FYI.)


I think I mentioned in a post that I was planning on going to Los Angeles again during the last bit of June, and that did end up happening.

We -my dad and I- only spent 2 days there, but it was a fun little trip to break the monotony of my everyday routine here in Jeddah.

I’m not going to have a photo compilation of that trip because 1. We didn’t do much. 2. I didn’t take any photos. (That’s kind of a lie. I did take some pretty cool photos, which I posted on my Instagram @r_myself_and_i)

My mom and I are supposed to go to Morocco in August for 2 or 3 weeks to visit family; I’m not sure if I’m going to do anything worthy of a photo post, so… yeah. My morocco trips are usually a lot more chill.

We’re not going to spend that long there because I have to get back in time for my new school’s orientation. (That whole subject deserves a different post, which I’m working on; should be up by August.)

Those are my summer travel plans; nothing too interesting. That is unless a spontaneous trip comes up.


Oh shit. Another reading slump has hit. This happens every summer for some reason, The moment I actually get time to read, I just can’t 😑.

There are a couple readathons I’m going to be taking part in during the month of July, and you should be getting a TBR for each and daily updates on my twitter (@chickssweet). I’m hoping those will pull me out of this.

I’m not really that worried, because I’m like 10 books ahead of my GoodRead’s reading goal of 100 books (I’m at 59 out of 100 books at the moment).

I might pick up an audiobook to try and combat this, but other than that, I kind of have to ride it through.

This also happens right when I get new books from my LA trip. LIKE, SERIOUSLY?!

Also, you might have noticed that my book reviews have made a comeback. I modified them, so now they’re a bit shorter (around 500-650 words instread of 1200+), which I’m proud of because I have this tendency to ramble on and on.

You’ll be seeing on of those every 2 weeks or so. I really don’t want to overpower my blog with book reviews, as people who aren’t interested in the books won’t really enjoy that content.

That’s all I have for you today! Thought I’d just sit down and talk about a couple things. I’ll have my June Reading wrap up up on Monday, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It’s nice to be back…

Much love, Rawan 🖤 …