6 People Who’ve Influenced My Life Greatly (So Far…)

I was in bed last night, thinking of some random thing when a memory of my 4th grade English teacher came up.

She was/is the reason I write the way I do and read as much as I do today. I remember clearly that she was the one teacher I genuinely liked and would look forward to talking to.

Anyways, my sleep deprived ass kept thinking of people who prominently influenced the person I am today, and that’s how this post arose.

1. My Parents

I know this isn’t exactly one person, but let’s not think about that.

I’ve tried writing this like 5 times already, and I can’t even get it right.😂

I think it’s pretty clear how my parents’ influenced me. They kind of put me on this earth (whether you think that’s a good thing or not, is for you to determine).

I’m sure you two aren’t reading this, but if you are, then thank you for everything.

2. John Green

This might be surprising for some because I don’t really love most of his books, but if you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll know exactly why he’s on this list.

John Green’s first novel, Looking for Alaska, is a huge part of my life. It’s entertained me (duh), helped me shape myself in general, showed me that we have no control over the world, and most importantly, it’s introduced me to the Young Adult genre, the genre I’ve almost exclusively read from the past couple years.

This isn’t just a book to me anymore, this is an extension of me in a way. From my annotations to the highlighted passages, this is on of the biggest influences  I can name.

I guess this is a kind of thank you to John Green. (please don’t ever sell the movie rights, they’ll ruin it for me. Thanks again 😂)


3. My 4th Grade English Teacher (Mrs. Alimah)

She’s the whole reason I’m writing this post!

I remember that one day she came to class with these reading log worksheets that we had to fill out. She said that from that day on we had to read for at least 25 minutes every day. That’s also the day I fell in love with reading.

I don’t think I would be reading 100+ books a year if she didn’t give me that little push to start. And for that, I’m forever in debt to her.

She’s also the reason I started to love writing (fiction and non-fiction). She would give us an extra credit assignment every month or so, and it would be to write something related to what we did in class.

One distinct memory I have of her was when she told us to write a travel journal about a trip to Antarctica. I, with the help of my mom, went on to write a 10-page journal type of thing about this woman’s adventures there. I handed it to Mrs. Alimah the following week and she gave me a full mark. That was so surprising because she would always say that there’s no such thing as perfect writing.

Her whole thing was for teaching us that our writing always had room to improve, no matter how good we thought it was; so the fact that she so highly praised my work, made me feel great. I would always put that same effort into all my writing, which slowly improved it over time.

All I’m trying to say is, thank you for showing me how great literature is. (Also have been trying to get in contact with you, but no one has your number 😬)

4. My Current Best Friend (Jana Al-Habashi)

We’re kind of going through some stuff, as I’m moving schools and she’s (most probably) moving to a whole other country, but I can still surely say that she’s the closest friend I’ve ever had.

I know we’re going to grow apart to some extent, but I can still picture myself in my 50’s talking to her. My mom went through the exact same thing, and she’s still friends with her high school best friend; that kind of gives me hope.

She’s taught me that it’s okay to trust people sometimes, and it’s actually great to have someone really know you and actually like you as a human.

Even if we’re not friends a couple years down the line, I think the memories I’ve made with her and the lessons she’s taught me, directly and indirectly, will always stick with me.

5. My Old Bully

If you’ve stuck around from day 1 of RMAI (back when it wasn’t even called that), then 1. I need to applaud you, and 2. you’ll know of my Dear Stalkers… post. In that, I mention that a person was fucking with me and that they’ve been doing that for a while.

That person, no matter how fucking petty, will alway be someone who’s impacted me heavily. 

Without them, I wouldn’t have switched schools and made the amazing memories I have now, I wouldn’t have met a good chunk of my friends, and I wouldn’t be me.

You’re a bitch, and we both know it, but you know what? It’s actually helped me. You taught me to not give a fuck. Hate and negative opinions towards me don’t bother me at all these days, and that’s partly because of you. Thank you for that, and fuck you for everything else.

6. 5 Seconds of Summer

I know what you’re thinking: really? Are you that obsessed? and to that, I say yes. I am proudly obsessed with 5sos, and that’s partly because they’re a big part of me now.

At first, it felt great to find these fun people who were extremely talented and funny, but now, it’s more than that. They’re almost brother figures in a way.

This is a bit phycopath-y, but I’ll be sitting in my room and just have a conversation in my head with one of them; they’re a mean for me to escape from everything and take a break.


That’s today’s post for you! I’m also going to be publishing an extra post tomorrow explaining why I haven’t been writing/posting that much these past few months (Monday’s is still coming out!)

Much love, Rawan 🖤 …