March Reading Wrap-Up and April To-Be-Read Pile

I’m failing my Goodreads goal. Ugh.

I’m 3 books behind schedule at the moment, and by the time you’re reading this it’s going to be worse. That’s why this month I’m planning on reading 10 books. (this is usually the normal amount of books I read in a month, but I have a ton of exams in April… Let’s see how this goes.)

Anyways, this month, I read 6 things. 4 books and 2 comics. This puts me at 22/100 books for the year 2017.

The good news is that I read all the books I had on my March TBR. Anyways, let’s get into this.

(ps. I such at the 100 Posts in 100 Days? 100 Posts in 100 Days challenge, please forgive me. I will be posting and writing regularly from now on.)

Wrap Up

(in chronological order)

1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5)

by J.K. Rowling and Mary GrandPré (Illustrator)


This was actually quite a large milestone for me, as this book is almost 900 pages long (870 pages to be exact). It surprisingly didn’t feel that long because I’d listen to the audiobook sometimes.




Ahhh! This book angered me ( *cough* Umbridge *cough* ), made me laugh, made me cry (GODDAMN THAT CHARACTER DEATH! I CAN’T HANDLE IT) and stressed me out so much. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that much from a book.

Enough said.

5 stars

2. The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus #2)

by Rick Riordan


I finally read the second book! Ahh!

I really loved how we just got to see this completely different setting (no spoilers) and follow some new characters. It took me a while to get used to the whole Roman theme, but by the end of the book, I was completely engrossed in the world.

The glossary in the back was super helpful when I just started reading it and getting used to the roman names, so I’ll give them props for adding that in.


My favorite part about the book was the Amazons; I died laughing when they told us that the amazons’ headquarters was actually Amazon the company. I still find that hilarious.

4.5 stars

3. Rat Queens, Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery (Rat Queens #1)

by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch (Artist)

I heard so many good things about Rat Queens and I will say, this isn’t a bad comic, but it isn’t really a good one either.

I loved the artwork, the characters and the whole feel of the graphic novel, but I didn’t connect with the plot.

I appreciate it for what it is, but I just didn’t enjoy it very much.

2.5 stars

4. Looking for Alaska

by John Green

Didn’t you read this before?

Yes, this is my third time reading it. Do I love it any less? No, I love even more now.

Now that I read it critically and annotated throughout it, I’ve learned to appreciate the little details that John Green put in.

This book is jam-packed with beautiful metaphors and quotes, it’s a must read for everyone.

(also, I’m planning on reading this every 3 months or so; expect this to be in a couple more wrap-ups.


(a throwback to my old photography style. I need to start using the flowers again😆 )

5. Frozen Tides (Falling Kingdoms #4)

by Morgan Rhodes


I literally inhaled this fucking book on my flight to Washington DC (trip’s photography compilation will be coming out next week!). I started reading it while I was waiting for my flight and then completely finished it half way through the plane ride. It was that good.

I’ve mentioned time after time that Falling Kingdoms has become one of my all-time favorite series, and I still haven’t changed my mind.

The character development that has happened in the 4 books is just mind blowing. I ship people that I hated in the first book. GOD, IT’S FUCKING WITH MY BRAIN!

To-Be-Read Pile

I’m only going to plan 3 books so I won’t be restricted to a certain group of books.

1. The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer


(photo credit)

This is my current read; I’m only about 100 pages in so far because I haven’t been reading as much (I’m traveling etc.) but I know I’ll finish it on the plane ride back from DC.

Up till now, I’m absolutely loving this! It’s such a thrilling plot line, and I love the whole secret agent feel of it.

If you want to a book that will hook you from the first chapter, then this is one to check out.

Zom-B City (Zom-B #3)13380915

by Darren Shan

I read the first 2 books earlier this month (I know this wrap-up and tbr is really late, please forgive me…again.) and liked them, so I decided it would be a good idea to finish the third one too as I have the bind up.

There are some things that really annoyed me in the first book (racism, abuse etc), but I’m planning on writing a whole review for the first 3 books.

Caraval (Caraval #1)

by Stephanie Garber

I’ve been looking forward to this release ever since I saw people receiving ARCs, so when I found a hardcover recently at Books-A-Million, I had to pick it up.

I think the whole magical carnival concept is just so awesome. I seriously can’t wait to sink my hands into this beautiful book.

Also, can we just talk about how gorgeous this cover is?! Like, kill me, please.


(photo credit)


Thank you so much for reading! 

Much love, Rawan ❤ …