Study With Me #2 (+ 3 Productivity App Recommendations)

Some of you might remember a post I made a couple months back called Study With Me #1 (+ How to Take Good Notes)I had so much fun with that post that I decided to film some more! Throughout the month of January/February, and I’ve compiled them into this short video which you can watch.

I also like adding a bit of a short post with these videos, so this time I’ll be sharing my top 3 favorite productivity apps that you need to download!

Have fun watching!

3 Productivity Apps Students Need



I first heard about this on the studyblr community and decided to check it out because the idea seemed cool.

The whole point of the app is that you set a timer, and when you set it you’ll plant a virtual tree which will grow for the amount of time you set. If you exit the app to go to any social media, the cute little tree will die.

It keeps me focused on the task at hand and off of all the apps that distract me while I’m working. It’s also available for desktop as a chrome extension, and I find that really useful because you can block and blacklist websites which the forest won’t let you visit without killing your plant.


Whenever you finish your timer, you’ll get a certain amount of coins depending on the time you spent being productive. You can use those coins to buy new species of trees to plant, or you could save up 2500 coins and actually plant a tree in real life. Which is super cool!

The only downside is that the app isn’t free. It costs $1.99 on the app store (for apple devices), but it’s so worth it!



If you’re always on the go and want to have your flashcards with you then quizlet is perfect for you.

I think that mot students have made a set of flashcards at some point in their academic life, and they always get lost or are too cumbersome to carry, now you can have them with you on your phone to study at any time, anywhere.

Quizlet has so many options on how you can study your material. You can use the classic flashcard way, matching, typing out the answer, generating a test, or you can try their new learn option, which I find especially helpful around exam time.

Another great aspect about Quizlet is that it’s totally free, but you can upgrade it if you want. Quizlet Plus costs $19.99 per year, that works out to $1.67 or $0.05 a day.

One of the main benefits of upgrading to Quizlet Plus is that you get Long-Term Learning, which has been super beneficial for me as I forget things very easily. It reminds you to review every day and helps you to remember your study material long term.


Screen+Shot+2017-01-01+at+9.41.27+AMThis is one of the best habit tracker/reminder apps out there. Not only does it have a sleek user interface, it’s also really simple to use.

All you have to do is enter the habits you want to keep track off/want to pick up, and it’ll remind you when it’s time to do them.

When you get the app, it will only give you a limited amount of habits to put down, but you can upgrade it ($4.99) and add as many as you want.


It keeps a calendar with all the times you’ve skipped some of your habits and when you’ve completed all of them in a day.

You can also set a unique icon for each habit you want to keep track of, which helps you distinguish between them at glance.


Thank you so much for reading! 

Much love, Rawan ❤ …