100 Posts in 100 Days? 100 Posts in 100 Days.

I go through phases where I write a lot and where I just kind of don’t do anything, I think I’ve mentioned that a lot of my blog lately. I think I’m getting a little burnt out, but it’s not like the type of burnt out where you don’t have any ideas, it’s the type where you just kind of do other things and forget about writing.

I want to do something like NaNoWriMo in a way, but not for writing a novel, I just want to write for my blog. I think the goal of writing a post a day is going to be a reasonable one. I’m so going to regret doing this, but why not try. I want to do this for 100 days, so 100 blog posts (hopefully?)

The whole point here is to create content, not really to post all this content. I’m pretty sure most of the posts I write will be crap, but some of them might actually be post worthy and will see the light of day. I won’t be posting 100 posts for 100 days, I’ll just be writing them. I can schedule them for later, or I can just delete them. The whole point is to just write.

I feel like I’m always making some kind of excuse; ooh, I have exams. Ooh, I just got back from a vacation, I need rest. Ohh, I want to read now, I’ll write later etc. etc. But it’s time I put my foot down and try to put together some good content.

I’m not that good of a writer, I know that. But it’s always been a passion of mine. Every since I was little, I used to write little essays about why I like my dad or why cake is my favorite food (still is by the way.), and then one day I decided to put my thoughts on the internet. Blogging was there and that’s how I’ve written over 200 posts on Rawan, Myself, and I (this is the 250th)

I got this whole I want to write more idea when my teacher assigned an English Lit. homework. I was working on it and remembered how much I loved the sound of my fingers tapping away on the keyboard. I kept writing and by the end, I was on such a writing high that I thought I should sit dow and just write something else. Yeah, I finished another rewrite of an older essay, but now I’m writing this draft thing (not sure if I’m going to post it). (I ended up posting it, that’s why you’re seeing it now)

But I guess what I want to say is, I feel bad that I neglected writing these past couple months, and I’ll try to get my blogging groove back this next 3 months-ish.

I’ll also try to update you guys every month or so, maybe with another 24 blog post ideas like the one I posted a while back so it could also be beneficial for the people who aren’t doing the whole 100 days thing.

If any of you guys want to embark on this journey with me, I would love to see what you have to say on the topic. I know I don’t have that many readers, but the ones that are seeing this, please comment down below what you think about this whole 100 posts in 100 days and how your writing has been going lately. Your words might inspire some of us that aren’t fortunate in the writing groove department (aka. me)

Wish me luck!

Ps. Sorry for not posting on Monday, I was on a plane and didn’t have access to internet

Thank you so much for reading! 

Much love, Rawan ❤ …