A Girl Smeared Her Shit On the School’s Bathroom Wall

My school principal will not like the fact that I’m posting this for thousands of people to see… Oh well, it was funny.

A little incident of sorts happened the other day, and I’m sure you can guess it from the title…. A girl shit in the school bathroom… and then proceeded to smear it on the wall. Yup.

This is probably going to be a really short post because the whole story is basically in the title, but yeah, let’s just see how this goes.

If you get grossed out easily, then I don’t recommend reading this…

One great day, I wanted to go to the bathroom. I think I had a free period or something, but that doesn’t matter.

I walked to the bathroom and then to the second stall, no specific reason, I just wanted to go to it.

I think I should probably mention that it was around this time I smelt something… off…

I pushed the door open and then looked up… There was shit on the wall. It actually took me a while to process that there was shit…on the wall… shit…on…the…wall… SHIT. ON. THE. GODDAMN. WALL.

It wasn’t even just smeared on the wall, it was more like… finger painted on the wall. There were 4 streaks that you could actually see where the girl swiped her fingers. Ugh. And there were like chunks in it too. (you can’t see me, but I’m actually cringing from disgust while writing)

I could tell this girl really thought about it before she actually did the act. Should I do this in the second stall or the first? Two, three, or four fingers? 2nd or 3rd period? 

Another thing I didn’t understand is why? Just why? What makes you want to rub your faeces on the school‘s bathroom? What was she actually thinking?

AND HOW DID NO ONE SMELL IT ON HER? If you just grabbed your own shit, then I think your hands and just self would stink, right?

Anyways, I came back to class after that encounter and told my friend group. I started laughing so hard that I started crying (I’ve collapsed on the floor at this point). Layla and Rayyan decided they wanted to go see, and after they come back I think word spread and people were all going to see what the big deal was.

Long story short, they closed the bathroom for the day and asked us to use the other one.

Also, the second day, the principal asked us the next morning to: please… flush the toilet after you use it.

That’s all, it’s a lot funnier in person, I do have to admit.

Thank you so much for reading! 

Much love, Rawan ❤ …