Study Routine Tag (+ I’M BACK!)

Oh my god, look who’s back from the dead!


I thought it would be a good idea if I gave you guys an extra post today to make up the 9 posts that I missed…

Anyways, good day to you. I’m Rawan I haven’t posted in 3 weeks, I’m doing the Study Routine Tag because I’ve been addicted to Studytubes and Studyblrs lately, so enjoy.

(Also, thank you for 10,000 views! I know I’m a bit late because we’re almost at 13,000 now… But better late than never)

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1. How long does it take you to get to school?

Way too long. It takes me about 45 minutes to get to school (driving) every morning, and that’s when there’s moderate traffic.

But I’m not really complaining because I get to revise for my exams and read my books during that chunk of time. Not to mention, take a nap.

2. What do you like to eat for lunch?

I don’t usually eat anything at school. I know this is a bit weird for people, but that’s just what I do.

I sometimes I buy an apple or crackers from the little shop we have set up at school, but most of the time I just drink some iced tea and 2 bottles of water.

3. What classes are you taking?

I take a lot of classes, but the main ones are Arabic, English, French, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Math.

4. What’s your favorite subject(s)?

I don’t really have a favorite subject, in particular, I like science as a whole, which is weird because the career path I have in mind has nothing to do with science.

5. What’s your least favorite subject?

Arabic. I don’t thin I need to elaborate.

I’m bad at my own language, I know, I’m such a failure blah blah.

6. What grade are you in?

As you may know, I like to keep my school, grade, and age anonymous, so I won’t be answering that.

7. What time do you get out of school?

Class finished at 2:45 pm, but it takes me about 10 minutes to pack my bag and walk to my car, and by the time I get home it’s usually 3:30ish.

8. What do you like to wear to school?

My school provides a uniform. Our regular uniform is a vest with a shirt underneath and blue dress pants, but no one really wears it.

Most of us wear out PE uniform which is a pink T-shirt.

I usually wear my PE uniform, black leggings/sweatpants (depends on the day), an oversized hoodie and my all black converse. My priority is to be comfortable enough to sleep but still look semi-presentable.

9. How early do you have to wake up for school?

I wake up at around 6:05 AM and get out the door by 7:00 AM, and then get to school at about 7:45 AM (class starts at 7:50ish)


10. What’s your favorite item in your backpack?

I just bought some Zebra Mildliners and I’m literally addicted to them, so probably them.

I got the 15 set of them, and I’ve been using them like crazy this past week.


That’s all folks!

I’ll have a new post up my tomorrow and hopefully on my regular 3 days a week schedule again.

Missed talking to you guys, bye!

Much love, Rawan ❤ …