How I Make My Blogpost Headers

As some of you might have noticed, each of my posts has a little header with the title and a little backdrop photo.

I’ve had a couple emails sent to me about how I make them, so I just decided to make a post with a video just showing you how I make them.

If you try this out and use it on one of your posts, then please link it down in the comments so I can check it out and share it!


I just wanted to say that this is my one of my first ever videos, so my editing is probably really shitty and all so sorry in advanced. makes a lot more than just this; they make a lot more templates for all types of social media, so you should really check them out if you’re a social media influencer! (#notsponsered😜 )

I hope you liked seeing how I make my blog post headers, and as I said before, please share them so I can check them out and support you guys!