My Trip to Jakarta, Indonesia (Photo Compilation)


My dad asked me if I wanted to tag along with him on a 30-hour layover to Jakarta, and I agreed because why not, right?

What I didn’t know is that the flight is long. I mean like 10 hours long, yeah.

The interesting thing is, I’m writing this from my hotel room’s balcony, so technically I’m still in Jakarta…. I’ll still be recapping what I did!

I also included some video footage of the take-off and landing from the cockpit, just a little treat for you guys.


These are a couple shots I took while I was in the cockpit during landing and take off. A good chunk of them are of my dad while he was working.


I also got a couple good shots of the clouds while  we were about to land, and I think these are some of my favorite photos I took! They just look really beautiful to me, I don’t really know why.


We went to the national Monument of Indonesia (called Monas by the locals), and I didn’t really get that many photos of it but here are the ones I did take.

The interesting thing about this is that in the middle part (the protruding part) is a museum with beautiful illustrations and sculptures showing how Indonesia progressed to how it is in present day.

This was one of the best places I visited on my trip based solely on the artwork that’s inside. Sadly I couldn’t take any photos😢


While we were in Jakarta, we decided to go to Kota Tua Jakarta (translation: Old Town Jakarta), which was absolutely beautiful!

It was the Chinese New Year so most of the shops were closed, nevertheless, it was beautiful!

There were groups of students who were doing an English project. They asked us a couple question and took a photo with us, which you can see above.


We also went to a couple local markets and Plaza Indonesia, but I didn’t get any photos of that, because I didn’t really think you guys would like that 😬.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you to my dad for dealing with me during the trip. Love you and please let me tag a long more🖤

Much Love, Rawan M 🖤