Study With Me #1 (+ How to Take Good Notes)

HELLO! It’s exam season for me, so I thought it would be a fun idea to film a time lapse of me studying for my Biology final.

I started studying today at around 10:30 am and finished a couple minutes ago, so around 6:55 pm, but I’ll be going back to revise a bit in an hour or so.

When you watch the video, you’ll see that it’s actually pretty cool to see my notes build up so fast, well at least for me.

I’ll also be sharing some of my note taking tips and tricks, because I think a lot of people don’t know how to correctly take in-class and revision notes; most people just kind of copy what’s written in the text book.


How to Take In-Class Notes

  1. Don’t worry about keeping it neat, just write down the information that your teacher is saying.
  2. If it’s on the board, WRITE IT DOWN.
  3. Don’t ask if you should write it down, just write it.
  4. If there are any diagrams, then draw them roughly.
  5. If your teacher keeps mentioning it, then it will probably be on the test, so mark it with a little star or an exclamation point.
  6. Have your text book open, and quote passages or write down pages for reference later.
  7. Re-write your notes neatly when you come back home, add post it notes, highlight, add examples, and research things that you don’t understand.
  8. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS. Your teachers love when you ask questions because it shows you care about the class, and it will be like a test for you.
  9. Write down an example for everything; if your teacher doesn’t give you examples then mention your own and ask if it’s write.
  10. Don’t talk in class, you’re not helping yourself, and your disturbing others who want to learn.

How to Take Review Notes

  1. Make sure to mix your in class notes and information from your text book.
  2. DO NOT copy the same thing in your text book, paraphrase it and summarise.
  3. Draw diagrams, highlight the importance stuff and colour code if you can.
  4. Research and watch lectures online and take notes from there too.
  5. Take questions from practice tests and incorporate them into your notes.