So I’m kind of a week late, but better late than never right?

I’m here to share my 2017 reading challenges and top TBR picks.

I know that last year I wanted to do so many and ended up completing none of them, but I think I’m getting better at this and will be doing all of them this year (hopefully).

SAN MARINO (5).jpg

TBR 2017 Reading Challenge hosted by Super Wendy

I did this challenge last year, but kind of gave up half way through the year because I couldn’t find books for the challenges, but this year, I’ll be making a TBR for it.

January 18 – We Love Short Shorts! (category romance, short stories, novella etc.)

February 15 – New-To-You Author

March 15 – Comfort Read (Favorite Author? Favorite Trope? Favorite Sub Genre?)

April 19 – Contemporary

May 17 – Something Different (outside your comfort zone, unusual setting, non-romance etc.)

June 21 – Favorite Trope (a favorite theme – amnesia? secret baby? fairy tale? friends-to-lovers? etc.)

July 19 – Series Catch-Up (a book from a series you’re behind on)

I don’t know what series I’ll be reading so I’ll decide later.

August 16 – Kicking It Old School (publication date 10 years or older)

September 20 – Historical

October 18 – Paranormal or Romantic Suspense

November 15 – Recommended Read (a book recommended to you by someone)

Again, this can change by the time I get to this challege, so I’m going to leave this blank

December 20 – Holiday Themes

That’s all I have for you today, make sure to check out Super Wendy’s post and sign up for the challenge yourself!


Much love, Rawan…






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