7 Struggles Every Contact Wearer Understands

So we’re back here, aren’t we? It’s been a while.

I miss writing about all the shit I struggle with, plus I’ve been wearing my contacts more often, so why not just put them together and make a post about it?

If you didn’t already read a previous post I published about my experience with contact lenses, then you should probably read that before you continue reading because it’s still pretty accurate other than the fact that I’m actually wearing them more often now.


1. You can never find them when they fall

You don’t even know how many hours of my life I’ve lost trying to find a contact that fell.

Those little shits always just somehow disappear when they slip out of your hands. I seriously found one of them on the wheels of my office chair. Did I mention that I put them on IN THE BATHROOM!

Ugh, I swear they’re just like bobby pins, maybe they’re having a secret affair.

2. God Forbid you rip or scratch one

This one isn’t that big of a deal if you wear dailys, but I always use the weeklys, so if I fuck one up, then I just lost a whole week’s worth of contacts.

The big problem here is that most of the time, I don’t notice that it’s ripped and I put in my eye anyways. I think only a handful of people know that pain that completely overtakes your body when this happens.

3. You can’t rub your eyes

Because I wear makeup, I want to blend shit out on my eyelids, and that’s actually more difficult than it looks, trust me.

If you have this sudden urge to itch or rub your eye, and you actually do it, you then have to suffer from trying to put the contact back in place and readjusting it if it moved to the back of your eye. Sounds gruesome… It kind of is.

4. Showering is a no-no



Trust me when I tell you, it’s a really bad idea to shower with contacts it. The water somehow makes them stick to your eyes and then they act like one of those suction things.

It’s painful as fuck to get them off, so just don’t do it.


Number 5 goes hand in hand with the previous point.

If you somehow forget to take out your contacts in the shower and get soap into your eyes, then you know what hell feels like.

Let me break this down for the people with simpler minds.

When the soap gets into your eye, it gets in between the contact and your actual eye, so it’s basically pressing the soap onto your eye. The only way to stop the pain is to get the contacts out. And that’s only if you can open your eyes and stabilises your hand enough not to scratch them (look at #2)

6. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to put them on in the morning

I wear my glasses half the time just because of this one point.

I’m just too tired sometimes, I’m sure most of you can relate. No ore needed to be said.

7. You have to carry a contacts case everywhere you go

If you want to go swimming, or your eye starts to get irritated. Maybe you want to take a quick nap or sleep over. You just want to have your case at all times.

I mean it’s small, but I usually don’t carry my bag with me, so it’s kind of annoying.

Anyways, this is all I have for you guys. I don’t think I’ll be doing that many of these posts anymore because they’re just not my style. But I think this was a bit fun.

Goodbye, and till next time!