Sleepwear and Underwear Wishlist Holiday 2016

So it’s the holiday season… Well not for me, but I still make a lot of lists and treat myself at this time of year, because why not?!

Ps. If any of my friends or family are reading this, please take a hint. Thank you!

I pretty much compiled everything I ever wanted into this list, so buckle down, this is going to be a pretty long post.


The first thing I’m gonna start off with is pajamas and sleepwear because let’s be honest, that’s kind of what I wear 90% of the time.

CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW ADORABLE THIS IS?! I mean, I wouldn’t just wear it at home, I’d so pair the shirt with some jeans and wear it out, sorry not sorry…

I mean, I wouldn’t just wear it at home, I’d so pair the shirt with some jeans and wear it out, sorry not sorry…

And ah, this just needs to happen, if no one buys it for me, then I’ll just have to get it for myself. *hair flip* Independent ass bitch!


Stop, just stop.

(As you can see this is one of my all time favorites on this list!)

(Amelie Shirt and Shirt Sleep Set from Adore Me)


I just really love gray, okay? I think it’s just the minimalist in me, but it just looks really pretty.

I love the lace on this, it just looks really cute and flirty (I hate using that word, I don’t know why), but not in a raunchy way.

(Julianna Cami and Short Sleep Set from Adore Me)


This one is really simple, but I love that the top is kind of flowy and the pants just kind of seem like the type that I’d wear a lot (aka live in).

Is it just me, or do these fabrics seem really soft? I mean, it really does look like the softest cotton in this world, and I NEED IT.

(Derya Cami and Pants Sleepwear Set from Adore Me)


These are only 3 of my favorites on from their sleepwear range, and I strongly recommend you check out their page to check out all the other *super* adorable sets!

Have you ever seen something more accurate? No, because I need to wear this just to make things clear. And please people, just take a hint a hint and buy this for me already. I’m looking at you, aunty.

Not a Morning Person Pyjama Set from Topshop


I think a lot of my loyal readers know that I’m obsessed with red flannel, it’s just a fact. I mean the whole ‘I stole this super oversized red flannel shirt from my boyfriend’ thing is just my whole being. But I’m sadly single, so… Yeah, I have to buy my flannel and not get it from my nonexistent boyfriend.

The Dreamer Flannel Pajama from Victoria’s Secret

Bras, Bralettes, and Panties

Now, let’s move on to bras and panties. We all know that you have to pay up to get some good quality underwear, so why not just receive them as a gift?

And just a heads up, if you go now, you can get an amazing discount from Adore me’s bra and panties sets. 1 set for $24.95 | 2 sets for $59.90 | 3 sets for $89.85 & Free Shipping & Exchanges! Go and check out their page.

Okay, how cute would these be if they peaked through an off the shoulder top? Adorable right?!

I just love how pretty and elegant looking this pair is! The lace with the pretty straps going to the back just look really good together in my eyes, and I’m sure a lot of you guys think so too.

Alyona Unlined Bralette from Adore Me  ($39.95)


I think I just have a thing for light colors and lace because this one immediately grabbed my attention too.

I like that it’s kind of a bralette, but not really. The little lace details on the edges really do give it an elegant and innocent look.

Isadora Contour Bra and Panty Set  ($59.95)


A simple pushup bra but with and cute and sexy back; why wouldn’t you love it? Plus it comes in black, so, of course, I’m gonna love it. (You can check out my post about the perks of wearing all black if you want to see more of why black is my favorite color to wear.)

Lidia Push-Up Racerback Bra and Panty Set from Adore Me($49.95)


I seriously want this lace bralette because I have a gray sweater that would look great with it. So can someone just hurry up and buy me this gorgeous bra already? Please, and thank you.
Also, it comes in black.

Just In Lace Black Bralette from ($12.95)


Again, this one is really simple push up bra but with some really beautiful lace trim and intricate straps. Elegant and chick.

Lace-Trimmed Push-Up Bra from Forever 21 ($12.90)

That’s all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that have been on my wishlist.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jessica from for being so patient because I’ve been such a pain in the ass and delaying this post for so long.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I’ll be posting regularly again (I know I’ve been saying that a lot, but this time it’s true, I think…)

Don’t forget to check out and their Instagram! They’re having some amazing deals, like getting one item for only $19.99 when you subscribe, so make sure you go and make use of that because I sure will.

Anyways, till next time, bye!

Much love, Rawan