Hilarious Grammar Mistakes People Make. Know Them to Avoid Them

Hey, guys! Long time, no see… I’m back! But sadly, you’re not gonna get a post by me today, you’re going to get an amazing post by me friend Linda Jellison!

She’s going to talk about some of the most horrible (yet hilarious) grammar mistakes she’s come across. Hope you enjoy!

A lot of what I do requires me to read and research online. I have come across so many published articles with the craziest English grammar mistakes. One would think these would go through some kind of checking and correcting process but many do not. With the mountain of free sentence correction tools out there, I do not understand why this is such an issue. There are a few mistakes which are always repeated and it is time to put an end to it. These top grammar mistakes can be avoided with a little focus and attention while writing.

  • Time to eat children. Here we learn the importance of commas. It should read ‘time to eat, children. I see these mistakes everywhere. They are pretty hilarious and there will always be a person like me picking up on it. Facebook is my favorite for the use of this grammar mistake. I think people get over excited about something and want to quickly post. Don’t rush anything, especially not writing.
  • Free would. Why do I feel like bursting out in laughter and tears at the same time? This was a sign board to display free wood. Now, this can confuse any normal person. I almost asked myself what he would do for free. This was before I realized it was a huge spelling mistake. Come on people, we are smarter than this. Usually, when you have autocorrect, you become lazy. The handwritten sign board is really where you find the best of the worst.
  • Your car will be toad. Now we getting the frogs involved? I can’t even understand any of this anymore. People, we are smarter than this. When did we become so dumb?
  • Rachael ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog. This was legit on a magazine cover. With so many proof-readers and editors, how did they let this one slip? Just as with commas, leaving words out of your sentence can be brutal. It is so wrong but we find the humor in it undeniable. This is not one of those mistakes where you miss the error. The first time I read it I knew this was a big mistake.
  • Misspelling the word ‘but’ is always fun when they add a double t. Just writing this article is making my blood boil just a little. I believe, our generation has become so use to our cell phones thinking for us that we refuse to use our brains. This is not a mistake made due to ignorance. No, this is done because we forget to check our writing. We just assume someone up in the sky will autocorrect when we put pen to paper. There are no autocorrect gods, believe me.
  • I believe your happy. I have never met a person with the name happy. Well then again, we live in a diverse world and there might be a ‘happy’ walking around. An apostrophe is an absolute necessity! If you are 5 years old and just started writing, I will give you a pass. The problem is, there are grownups who do this all the time. Some will even scratch out you’re and replace it with your, believing they finally got it. Let me be the one to tell you, that’s a mistake and you should take a step back with that pencil.
  • Our speling bee winner is Tom. Sure, Tom is on his way to bigger things but they should take you off the editing team. There are moments like these when the mistakes come at the worst times. You could probably spell many words incorrect, but you cannot misspell spelling bee. It’s just too ironic to grasp.

These are just some examples of the hilarious grammar mistakes made. Many of these are made by educated adults. I am not saying you have to be perfect in your writing skills but these mistakes are unnecessary and easily avoidable. Try and write more instead of typing. You will be forced to spell properly and use grammar in the correct way. If you continue to have a machine correct your mistakes, you will be one of these people. I might just write an article about your grammar mistakes next.


Linda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is traveling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students.