9 Perks of Wearing All Black

I wear a lot of blacks. Don’t judge me.

We always picture some angsty teenage Tumblr kid (cmon we all have one inside of us), when we picture all black clothes, but in reality, it’s actually a great style choice!

Sometimes I sweat a lot, but we can overlook that and appreciate the overall classiness!

Here are 9 perks and reasons why I love wearing all black!

1. No sweat stains

This one is great especially when I have PE at school. If you have a bit of a lighter black/gray then it’ll still show up, but if you choose the correct shade, you’re good to go.

You can feel like a mess with all the sweat, but you’ll still look good, and that’s one of the major perks!

2. Goes well with everything

‘That doesn’t go with black’

Have you ever heard that? No. Because black looks great with everything!

I can just randomly choose any black shirt and pants and I’ll guarantee that that outfit will look fierce as fuck, as always.

Did I mention black is badass and makes you look like some kickass WARRIOR?!

3. Flatters everybody figure

People always say that black is slimming, and I so agree.

When you look like a potato, you want something that won’t make you look like a lumpy mess, and wearing black is going to do just that!

If you want to hide some of those unflattering bumps then wear black because the shadows really trick the eye into thinking that you have that perfect body (in no way saying that you don’t… I’m just talking about myself here)

4. Edgy

Nothing else to add. I mean you look badass 24/7.

5. Simplistic and minimalistic

Sure, sometimes we want to add some cool leather or studs, but I like wearing black because it’s my white. Okay, let me explain.

When people wear white, they usually say that the outfit is minimalistic, right? Well, black is too. You can look so chic and trendy just by putting on some ripped black skinny jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Looking classy has never been any easier.

6. Timeless

Why should you buy a whole new outfit every season because the ‘color pallets’ don’t match? Just wear black.

Wear it in the winter and look elegant. Wear it in the spring and look edgy. Wear it in the summer and look mysterious. Wear it in the fall and look sophisticated. Get what I mean?

Your wardrobe can literally be the same but you can fit in at any time.

7. Make a statement

You know what, this one is the best one out of all of these.

Ignoring all those comments about going to a funeral and about black not being a fun color and all just makes you you. You’re making a statement, and I appreciate that.

You go and show them that black is the most fun color out there!

8. Shopping is really easy

Walk around, ask if it comes in black and ta da. I don’t have to think about whether the color will fit my complexion or not, because I know that my soul will always match my clothes. (kidding… well kind of)

9. Sleek

You just look pulled together and on point almost all the time. I guarantee that the guy in the corner got ready in 5 minutes, but his all black outfit makes him look like he has his shit together.

That’s all folks! I know that you’ve probably heard some of these before, but hopefully, my post will pull you into the dark side! We have a lot of fun here, and satan hangs out with us every once in a while if you want to meet him. Joking… Mostly. Well, I guess that’s it for this post…

Much love, Rawan