24 Lifestyle Blogpost Ideas

We’ve all been at that one point where you just can’t think of anything you can write about, and started googling blogpost ideas, right?

Well today, instead of googling it, I’m writing this post to help you come up with some blogposts for your blog.

If you use any of these ideas, link the post down below so I can check it out and comment!

Without any further a due, let’s get on with the ideas!


  1. Trip Recap. You can talk about what happened on your trip, maybe share a couple funny stories, or show some photos you took. It can be a trip across the world, or just to your neighbourhood’s café! (ex. My Trip Around Italy (Photo Compilation)
  2. ## Facts About You. You can just share some facts about yourself to the readers. This is great when you’re just starting out so your viewers can get to know you more!
  3. ## Shows/Movies You Need to Watch. This one if pretty easy, because all you have to do is list out some shows or movies that you think everyone should watch. (ex. 4 Original Netflix Shows You Need to Watch)
  4. 10 Songs I’m Loving at the Moment. This one is a staple on my blog. I’ve been doing one every 3 weeks or so almost since the beginning, and they’re so easy to write and construct! (ex. 10 Songs I’m Loving at the Moment #10)
  5. Discussion. You can get a topic that you think is controversial somehow or that people have mixed feelings about and discuss it with your readers. This will almost always spark a comments discussion! (ex. Let’s Talk about Audiobooks… )
  6. Exciting Releases Coming Soon. We all have somethings coming up that have us waiting at the edge of our seats, why not share them? (ex. 8 Exciting Fall 2016 Releases)
  7. # Struggles Every ___ Understands. This type of post has also become a series on my blog that you guys see frequently. They’re also really easy to come up with and end up being really relatable and funny! (ex. 7 Struggles Every Blogger Understands )
  8. Story Time. Fell in front of a lot of people? Stumbled on stage? Been recognised on the street? Tell your readers! Let out all those embarrassing stories into a story time post! (ex. Almost Meeting 5 Seconds of Summer… 3 Times!)
  9. Rant. Ugh. We all have an inner bitch, just let it all out, your readers will understand, some of them might also have gone through the same thing! (ex.
  10. Review. Everyone wants to know if they should read that book or watch that movie, why not share your thoughts and rave (or shame) about it? You could be helping a lot of people out! (ex. Cinder by Marissa Meyer Book Review)
  11. FAQ Post. If a lot of people are asking you about a certain topic, write a post about it, maybe some of your viewers are interested in seeing your thoughts on it. (ex. Why Do You Read Young Adult Fiction? )
  12. Interview someone. This someone could be your friend, mom, fellow blogger, youtube, band member, anyone! Everyone has something to say, so why not give them the chance to say it?
  13. A Tag. Do you know how many tags there are?! I mean thats over 100 posts for you there. So many tags you can do, and each of them are very different. I’m thinking of doing a tag master post, so lookout for that! (ex. This or That Book Tag )
  14. A Guide. Everyone has an area of expertise; maybe you’re really good at drawing or know a lot about cooking. You can help people by writing down what you know about that topic and maybe linking a couple other posts (ex. This post! or A Non-Muslim’s Guide to Ramadan )
  15. Travel Wishlist. We can’t all travel the world, but we can write a post about where we would like to go 😂. (ex. Cities I’d Love to Visit )
  16. A playlist. Music is really personal, and can tell your readers a lot about you. Make a playlist of some songs that go well with a certain theme. Maybe road trips, or kick backs, or maybe a party, whatever you want! (ex. Reading Music Playlist #3 )
  17. # Reasons Why You Should Check Out ____. Fangirls/boys, this one’s for you! Write about anything you want, just convince them to check out that certain thing, no matter what! (ex. 6 Reasons Why You Should Check Out 5 Seconds of Summer)
  18. Resolutions. Write down your resolutions for the year, or month down on a post to make sure you do them, because what’s more embarrassing than admitting you failed to all your viewers. Yeah, nothing. (ex. 5 Things I’m Planning On Doing This Summer)
  19. How to Survive ____. Life throws a lot of shitting things your way, and you just need to survive them, right? Teach your readers how to get through some of the harder moments in life. (ex. Surviving Finals)
  20. My Favourite Underrated ____. I want to be a hipster. You want to be a hipster. How do we comes said hipsters? Indie things, and that’s why you should share your underrated favourites! (ex. My Favourite Underrated Artists #2 )
  21. Short Story. Show us your creative side and write a short piece of fiction. (ex. Too Late… )
  22. Room Tour. Decor might not be everyone’s strong suit, but it’s always interesting to see how someone makes a place their own! (ex. soon to come!)
  23. Social Media Shoutout. Everyone has some favourite accounts they always visit, and your viewers might not know them, so just enlighten the world with your indie favourites!
  24. Why I love ____. Are you passionate about something? Do you have this one thing that just makes your day one bit better? Share it with us and tell us why you love it so much! (Ex. Why I Love Photography)