Unique… Censorship​… Expression…

(Rant coming ahead, I was angry, I didn’t have an outline. If you don’t like ranty angry posts, then this is really not the post for you)

(This whole post doesn’t really make sense if I’m honest, but I just had to get everything off my chest)

There are sometimes when I just keep thinking. I think and think and think. I want to express myself. I do.

I express myself through my work. Through my photography, my writing, my reading, fashion, and makeup. But there are always people who don’t want you to. They want you to censor yourself.

Censor because how can someone actually have an opinion, right?

Sometimes, those people are close to you, sometimes they’re just random strangers on the internet, but long story short, there are always people who want you to fit into this cookie cutter mold that they have set out for you.


I’m young. I’m in my early teens, and god knows how many people don’t get me.

I’m not like everyone, but at the same time, everyone on this earth thinks they’re different. Unique. One of a kind. But you know what, the truth is we’re all the same.

You’re not a unique snowflake, you’re not the only person who has that one train of thoughts. There are 7 billion people on this small ass fucking planet. It’s almost sure that there’s at least one person who’s exactly like you.

That’s the bad news, but there’s good news too, you can make yourself stand out by taking on some interests.

I like books, I can read diverse books, and that would be making me different in a way.

I like music, I can listen to different artists and genres and in a way, make myself unique to an extent.

I like makeup, I can wear a bold lipstick and make myself stand out in a way, or maybe dye my hair a crazy color. Anything to set you out of the crowd.

But sometimes we want to fit in the crowd, don’t we? Sometimes, we feel some comfort in blending into the crowd.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I keep contradicting myself, but long story short, I was told I couldn’t do something. This thing made me feel confident, I really liked it. It was bold, yes. It wasn’t the norm, yes. But I enjoyed it.

I enjoy music that’s really in your face. I enjoy books that deal with sensitive topics. I enjoy makeup that isn’t really neutral. I enjoy expressing myself. But people in my life restrict me from doing that. Sometimes the only way out is to go down.

Much love, Rawan ❤ …