My Trip to Jeddah’s Ramadan Festival (Photo Compilation)

Hey, guys! Today, I’m back with another photo compilation!

I didn’t get as many photos this time (only about 20), but I decided to share them with you so you can see the beauty of this festival, and also because I promised that I would share this post with you in my GOMO Is The New FOMO post that I wrote back in the summer.

This festival took place (it was open all through Ramadan 2016) (If you don’t know what Ramadan is, then read my Ramadan Guide post!) place in Old Jeddah or ballad as the locals here call it. It’s supposed to remind us of the old ways, and how our ancestors lived.

They serve traditional food, sing old traditional Arabic songs, and let people show off their antique pieces from the past. It’s a blast, and I’m sure that anyone who went to it, knows how beautiful it looked!

And now, let’s move on to the photos!

(I was planning on posting this 3/4 months ago, but I never got to it, but I still wanted to share the photos I took with you! Sorry…)