My Current Addiction: Kat Von D Makeup | Beauty

I always want to start these posts with ‘Hey fellow addicts’ but then I think that would be offensive. I’ll just continue to start with awkward intros like usual.

This time, I’m actually going to be talking about Kat Von D’s makeup. If you follow any beauty/makeup blogs/channels, then you’ll know about Kat Von D, but if you don’t, I’ll give you a little bit of a run down.

She’s a tattoo artist, but she also runs Ka Von D beauty. She’s basically the creator of the best makeup products.

I might be a little biased…

I’ve always wanted to try out Kat Von D, but I only got my hands on some of her stuff recently, hence me making this post.

I got a gift set with a mini liner, the Shade and Light contour pallet, the Shade and Light brush, and a mini studded lipstick in Underage Red.

But then I bought the liquid lipstick and full sized liner separately.


My favourite purchase is the Tattoo Liner. I bought my first one, and then it dried up after a couple months, and then I repurchased a second, and got a mini with a set.

I wear a cat eye almost everyday, so a good liner is essential for me! I think the little bristles are great, and prevent feathering on the end of a felt tip. Because it’s almost like a brush, you can get more precision out of it.


Next, I have a couple lip products, which is what she’s really known for.

On the left, I have one of her long lasting lipsticks in Lolita II, which is what I’ve been wearing everyday since I bought it. It’s like a brownish/orange/nude colour, that’s kind of like a MLBB* for me, but not really, because it’s a little darker.

On the right, you can see my mini studded lipstick in Underage Red, which is a vibrant ass matte red. I mean you can see it on my lips a mile away. And this shit stays on, I mean you can eat, drink do whatever you want, it’s like fucking superglued to your lips, and the same goes to the liquid lipstick.


(Swatches L to R: Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II, Studded Lipstick in Underage Red, Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper)

Now for one of the best products here! The Shade And Light Contour pallet. I’m not the best at contour, that’s a fact, but I like to use the 2 lightest contour shades to warm up my face and carve out my cheekbones a bit.

The highlight shades are really pigmented which is what I like to see in matte highlights. But I still haven’t tried out the pinkish/peach shade (Lucid), so I can’t say anything about that.


I also got the Shade and Light brush, which has an angled side for the contour and a tampered one for the highlight.


All in all, I think that Kat Von D beauty is going to be a brand that I’ll be purchasing more of in the future (very soon hopefully). I think I’m going to be doing a wish-list soon.

Much love, Rawan