Why Do You Read Young Adult Fiction? | FAQ Post, Books

I read YA fiction.

I like YA fiction.

People don’t consider YA fiction quality literature.

Let’s talk about that.


I’ve been listening to this blogging podcast (I’ll be making a post about the course he made soon), and the guy made a list of types of posts that we as bloggers should try, and one of them were FAQ posts.

And that got me thinking, people always ask me why I read Young Adult fiction, and why I don’t read real literature. So that’s the question I’ll be answering, why do people judge young adult fiction?

I think I’ll make more of these FAQ posts because they’re open for discussion most of the time, almost like a little debate.

(for your information, YA means Young Adult. Some people might be confused.)

How Did I Find Out About YA ?

I didn’t actually know what YA was for the longest time, but then I read Looking For Alaska by John Green, and that opened up my eyes to this whole new genre!

I think I’ve been reading YA for a while, but I never really knew that I was. Does that even make sense? I hope it does.

Some people find out about YA just from going to the bookstore and looking through, some people find out through the word of mouth, or maybe a post like this one, or I don’t know, a video that someone posted. Books are everywhere, and people stumble upon them in different ways.

I personally found out about it when I went to the bookstore, and that’s how the whole thing snowballed into my avid reading habits of 3 or so books a week! Yeah, it’s been a long journey.

Is It Okay To Judge YA?

If we’re looking at the genre from a person who does’ read, or maybe just reads classics’ eyes, I can kind of see where they’re going with saying that YA isn’t real literature (I’ll talk about that later one), but does that make it right? Does shaming a certain genre of books that gets people to read right? No, of course not.

I don’t think that judging a person’s taste in anything is right, because what you don’t like, might be something that helped someone through hard times etc.

Why Do People Judge It?

We can’t really be certain of that, can we? Only the people know, but we can speculate, and that’s what I’ll be doing right now.

I think that readers in particular either love or hate YA, I don’t think there’s an in between.

People who read Classics, Adult, or sometimes even New Adult books, look down on YA because all they see is Twilight (which isn’t even that bad, like yeah, the writing isn’t good, but it’s not bad), and The Fault In Our Stars (again, a really good book). They just see this one-dimensional love story with a dumb blonde protag set in high school, but they never really see YA for the true form it is.

They don’t see the beautiful writing that some of the books have (e.g. My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga), the amazing and truly complex world building of some of the fantasy books (e.g. Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes), even some of the well done romances (e.g. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell).

If people truly looked deep and read some of the great YA books out there, I think they’ll have a different view on the genre.

I don’t want people to read this and think that I’m judging them for not reading Young Adult Fiction; I’m just saying that you should give it a try if you haven’t already, and if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to continue. You should give everything at least one try.

Is YA Real Literature?

I don’t know why people even question this!

Young Adult is literature. I don’t know who the fuck says which genre is real and not real. Just because Jane Austen didn’t write it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real literature.

YA is YA. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s complex. Sometimes it has insta-love, it’s not perfect, and I know that. We, as readers, know that.

There is not meter as to what is real and not real, okay. Books are books, and we should respect them equally.

Why Do I Read YA?

Long story short, I want to say that I don’t really have a straight answer as to why I do. I think it’s just this thing that I’ve gotten used to. My comfort zone you could say.

I do read adult books, so I wouldn’t say that my reading is 100% YA, which is good because I’m trying to read more diversely.

When I come to think of it, I think I read Young Adult because it’s relatable to me and my life, and dare I say , a reflection of my life in books.


Why do you read (or not read) young adult books?

I was actually going to change this post’s name to Why People Judge YA Fiction, but I already made the post header and I’m too lazy to make another one… Sorry about that…

Much love, Rawan ❤ …