Should You Start a Side Blog?

I haven’t posted any blogging tips in the past couple months. I’m so sorry for that. Those usually take me a long time to get through writing, plus I have to do quite a lot of research, so that’s why you don’t see them that much.

But I’m here today to talk to you about side blogs and whether you should have one or not. This isn’t something every blogger has, but it is something you want to try out at least once in your blogging career/life.

I’ve had a couple blogs, but they never really lasted, so I’m here to talk about my experience and share a couple reasons why you should and shouldn’t make a side blog.

I’m gonna give you a couple pros and cons of starting a side blog, and you can decide it’s the thing for you or not.

It Can Be Anonymous

This is the reason I first started my side blog. I think I mentioned it in a blog update once, but I’m not sure.
I liked writing under an unknown alias, it was fun and I could just cut out my filter and say whatever I wanted to say without anyone knowing who I was.
You can do this on your main blog too, but most people like to have their name known on their blog so the public knows who they’re talking to.

You Can Focus On Other Subjects

Some people like to have their topics separated; so they’ll have a beauty blog, a food blog, and a book blog.
This is personally not the thing for me, which is why I became a lifestyle blogger.
If your main blog is about, let’s say beauty and you have a passion for cooking, then make a side blog about cooking and leave your beauty blog just the way it is.
An example of this is OrganisedLikeJen’s blogs and channels. She has a vlogging channel, a beauty/lifestyle channel, and an organization channel. (You should check her out, she’s one of my favorite YouTubers!)

It Might Make You Drift From Your Main Blog

I’ve seen this happen to quite a lot of bloggers, and it’s really sad when it does.
You might focus on making content for 2 or 3 blogs that you forget to post to your loyal readers on your main blog, so that’s kind of the main con.

It Can Confuse You

This especially happens when you use two different blogging platforms (ie.: WordPress, Blogspot, Squarespace, etc. ).

You’ll get so involved in one, then you put more effort into one blog and kind of neglect the other; or you publish a blog post that was meant to be on the side blog on your main blog and vice-versa.

But as you can see in all of the points I’ve mentioned, they’re all if‘s or can‘s, it depends on the person and the blogging experience; I can’t tell you what to do on your blog because it’s your blog! Do you get what I’m saying?

Much love, Rawan