Almost Meeting 5 Seconds of Summer… 3 Times | Story Time

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you already know that my all time favorite band is a newish pop-punk band called 5 Seconds of Summer (AKA 5sos).

But I never told you about the 3 times that I almost met them. Yeah, I have the worst luck in the world…

Not once. Not twice. BUT 3 FUCKING TIMES!!!

Ugh, if someone with any connection to 5sos is reading this, then just… Have mercy on my soul and let me meet them… plz senpai

Anyways, let’s get on to the story time!


1. Milan, Italy (2015)

This was kind of at the beginning of my 5sos journey. I just started liking them and their music, blah blah blah (I was so young so innocent) (I know it was only a year ago) (I’m kidding…)

I remember this one pretty clearly because I was really at the peak of my creepy-gotta-know-everything-about-5sos stage (let’s be honest, I’m still in that stage…).

It was my first time in Italy, and I was having a blast. I distinctly remember that I had Heartbreak Girl on repeat the whole entire fucking trip, (I still get the epic feels when I listen to it now).

Anyways, I didn’t know they were playing a show in Milan, the same week I left Italy. 

7 days. That’s how close I was to seeing them. Ugh.

I was back home getting a coffee with my mom when I saw the Milan concert poster on Instagram. I cried. A lot.

Tears were literally streaming down my face, and the man at the counter just looked at me…. My life is just so blessed. So. Fucking. Blessed.

2. Verona, Italy (2016)

This one was one of the most emotional ones if I’m being honest. I was sightseeing Verona, and if you know what’s in Verona then you know that the Arena is there.

A lot of celebrities have their concerts there and… 5sos…

They had a gig the day after my flight leaves. 24 hours. 24 FUCKING HOURS. Do you know how that makes me feel? Do you?!

Ahh! I was walking around the arena and then just decided to scream out and dedicate it to Michael Clifford. That actually happened. People gave me weird looks, but I’m fine with it.

When they posted the Europe Tour Diary (the video below), I had to skip the parts where they showed the arena, and I literally had to not look at Instagram or twitter for a couple days because when I saw the photos I started balling.

The pain was real. The pain was SO REAL.

(I may or may not have shed a tear just writing this part)

3. Los Angeles, California (2016)

This happened only a month or so ago, so it’s so fresh in my mind.

I went to LA for 3 days with my dad on a trip. We spent 3 days there. WHILE 5SOS WAS THERE. 5SOS WAS IN THE SAME FUCKING CITY AS ME (technically I came after them, so I was in the same city as them, but that doesn’t really matter…)

I told Mohanad (Hey if you’re reading this) to drive around The Nice Guy Club because they go there a lot when they’re in LA, and we just drove around for a while until we gave up and decided to go home.

The next day, I go on twitter and the 5sos Update accounts are posting pictures of Luke and Ashton leaving the club. And guess what the time stamp was.


I think my dad was actually freaked out about my mental health then because I threw my phone across the room and started crying. Just a sad fangirl, nothing you need to see here.

I was so devastated, and I still am. I was so close. So god damn close to meeting my favorite people. But my luck is just shit, sooooo….

I will find you soon, my loves, soon.


That’s all I have for you today. I hope you feel pity for me. I really do need it. I need a lot of it too. Please.

Much love, Rawan❤ …