My Problem with Nail Salons | Rant, Mini Story Time

So, I love my nails, but I don’t know how to really take care of them very much, so I go to nail salons, and I have a lot of problems with that.

Basically, I’ve been going to nail salons more often, I’ve had more embarrassing/bad experiences with them, and today, I’m going to be just getting all of those off my chest, because I can’t be the only person who feels like this.



So I’m just gonna preface this by telling you this little disclaimer:

I’m one of the world’s awkwardest people, so saying oh I don’t like this, please change it is one of the hardest things. And saying no is not one of my talents. So, I kind of just sit with my headphones on or read some ebook on my phone.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the main point.

I hate nail salons. But I love getting manicures.

I hate letting people touch my feet. But I love the way they look after a pedicure.

I’m in a love/hate relationship.

Ok, is it just me, or does everyone feel really judged while getting a mani-pedi? Especially the pedicure part.

I’m gonna tell you 3 little stories about embarrassing nail salon encounters, and then you can tell me if you’ve had any like these.

Hairy legs galore

This one happened a shit ton of times, not just this one time, but this is one of the more recent ones.

It happened about 3 or 4 days ago, so I still have this one fresh in my brain.

I went with one of my friends to get a mani-pedi before I leave Morocco (which is today, for your information), so we went to this new place that people rave about. And let me tell you : it was fancy as fuck!

I mean the seats you sit in are actually massage chairs and you get this special scrub shit that they rub your legs with, and that’s kind of where the problem started…

My friend was wearing a maxi skirt, so she just had to pull it up a bit when they asked her to. But me. Oh, little fucking me. I was wearing the tightest leggings that you could imagine, so pulling those up to my knees was in simple words, very hard.

When that whole thing was done, the girl just looked at my legs. They look like sausages without the shape up leggings (I seriously live in those, ask anybody), not to mention the hairy legs. More like fur coat if I’m being honest…

Yeah, I have man legs if I don’t shave regularly. I was kind of an idiot because it’s been like 2 weeks since I last shaved…

The woman who was doing my toes just kind of looked at them, then just slowly looked at me and continued working.

Not to mention, this really hot guy was waiting for his sister. Sitting. Right. In. Front. Of. Me.

My bad luck continues to rain…

Big Ass Feet

I’m tall… I have big feet… Pedicures aren’t fun…

Do I have to say more?


When you see all these girls with these primp and proper toes and shit, and then you have my  feet.

Most salons give you these little foam one use slipper that you put on after you get a pedicure, and my feet were hanging out. Do you know how fucking awkward that is?

And this one time, the woman who did my toes looked and me while scrubbing them with this pink shit (I swear it looked like a unicorn took a shit on my foot), and said you have really big feet! Do you wear socks at home? 

I still don’t know why she asked if I wear socks at home because it completely doesn’t make sense. What does that have to do with anything?

‘a lot of skin! Too much skin!’

This one again was quite a recent one.

I was getting a manicure after almost 2 months, and my nails didn’t really look that good.

Th guy started trimming the skin, and he looked up and me and said A lot of skin! Too much skin! Who did your nails last time?!’ I told him that Cherry did my nails (can we just talk about how her name just sounds like a sad stripper’s name? No? Okay…), and he told me that she wasn’t good at cutting my cuticles and that I should let him do my nails from then on.

Not even a minute later, he cuts me -_-. Like… Are you serious? You just said that other woman can’t cut my cuticles correctly, and now theres blood coming out of my thumb because who did my nails? Yeah, YOU!

Ugh! Oh and this was at the same salon that the other woman said the sock comment.


That’s all I have for you today.

I’m just gonna say that I appreciate all the hard work that nail technicians put into their work, and this post wasn’t meant to offend anyone.

Much love, Rawan❤ …