6 Reasons Why You Should Check Out 5 Seconds of Summer

Hey, guys! Today, I have a little bit of a fun post!

I thought it would be a fun idea to share 6 reasons as to why you should check out 5 Seconds of Summer, one of my favorite bands of all time.

I think that most people are seeing all of these posts and videos and shit, and then they automatically think Oh they’re just another One Direction.

This post is to prove those people wrong, and tell you 6 random reasons as to why you should really check them out!

1. They’re an introduction to pop-punk

If you’re trying to get into pop-punk, but don’t know where to begin then; then 5sos is totally the band to start listening to!

Their songs are quite catchy, and most of them have that pop-rock feel, so getting into pop-punk/rock or even rock itself, will be a lot easier if you ease into it with a band like 5sos!

Their music is a great mix between mainstream music (I swear I’m not a hipster), and punk. Think of  it as Ed Shereen+The 1975+Greenday=5 Seconds of Summer.

2. Their lyrics

If you ever listen to one of their songs, you’ll know how deep their lyrics are.

I swear, if you listen to some of their recent songs, like Invisible or Broken Home you’ll be moved, like sob level moved.

This isn’t really one that goes for all their songs, because I’m sure one of you will comment something about She Looks so Perfect and say that She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear isn’t deep and shit, then go fuck yourselves. Because I said that it doesn’t go for everyone.

3. Young and Relatable

If you didn’t know this already, then I’m just gonna put it out there.

3 of the guys are 20, and Ashton just turned 22, so they’re not old and rotten (that was the first word that came to mind)

With most of their fans in their teens, they’re pretty relatable because they haven’t been out of their teenage years for that long. Does that make sense?

There isn’t a huge age gap, so they kinda feel like friends instead of guys in a band. I think that makes more sense.

And each of the guys has a different personality, so you kind of have a group of young diverse (hot) guys. How could you not like it?

4. Awesome Music Videos

I feel like even if you don’t like their music, you’d enjoy their stupid little music videos.

Each one has a theme and most of the time, their really funny (aside from Amnesia and Jet Black Heart and all the sad-ish songs)

For example, in the Don’t Stop music video, they were superheroes in a city in need of help, and in the Hey Everybody music video, they all had a boring job and then somehow turned rich and shit.

But my favorite music video from them has to be the one for Jet Black Heart. That video literlaly ahd me in tears!

I made a playlist with some of my favorite music videos, so you can check those out, but I also put the Hey Everybody, Don’t Stop, and Jet Black Heart videos down here so you can check them out.

5. They’re Australian

This one again isn’t for everyone, but I have an obsession with anything Australian, so this one is just a no-brainer!

And I know someone is gonna try to be a smart ass and say that girls only like them beacuse they’re hot and austrailian and shit. NO! It’s just a plus 😉

Plus I feel like you don’t really get to see any new Aussie bands these days, so 5sos is just a little bit of a fresh look at the pop-punk world!

Not to mention how hot their accents are…

6. They helped make a place for outcasts

This one is kind of cheesy and not really what you’d expect me to say, but they really did make a place for anyone who just doesn’t fit it to have a family. The 5sosFam.

We’re all one, even if the drama kinda separates us a bit, we’re all in this fandom together.

Cheesy, but true.

Much love, Rawan