Blogger Interview with Abi Loughlin | Interview

Hey, guy! Today, I’m back to you with a new interview!

This time, it’s with one of my best blogging buddies, Abi Loughlin from!

If you’re one of the OG readers, then you’ll know about Abi because we’ve collaborated and she’s guest posted on here a couple time.

I asked her a couple questions, and I think that this will push you to read her blog because she really is one of the best out there!

The blue text is my commentary. 


1. Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

  Howdy Everybody! …..  (oooooh the cringe is so real! Why would you do that to me and my readers?!)
I think that was the cringeiest thing I’ve ever typed.
I’m Abi, A friend of Ro’s. We’ve known each other for about a year now and she was the First Blogger I’ve ever collaborated with. I’m from Ireland, the weather right now is quite terrible but that’s the usually. The summery weather probably won’t come late August. As you cause also see I ramble on and go off topic.
I write a mediocre blog (her blog is awesome, in no way mediocre) called ,  I feel that to be obvious as this is a post about bloggers, but, you know gotta put in the plug for my blog any way I can!

2. How long have you been blogging for? Do you plan on continuing?

I don’t really know, I’ve been blogging for around a year but we all can’t be as amazing as Rawan. (I’ve only been around for two years, so not that much…) I feel like I will blog for as long as I have something to write and that’s the only answer I have. (Laughs at self)

3. Why did you start blogging?

Honestly, I was bored one day, I was on Youtube watching videos – as you do – I was watching Mikhila (MissBugdetBeauty), she often references her blog in videos and I just decided to check it out and look at it. I really loved her style and the way she wrote. She recently rebranded herself and you should check out her blog . After reading a dozen or so of her blog posts I wanted to try blogging for myself and so here I am.

4. Why or what made you go cruelty-free?

What made me decide to go cruelty-free… Last year I was getting tired of all the clutter I had so I was researching minimalism and me through this I learned of Cosmetic companies that test on animals and I was sort of disgusted by it. Luckily enough the products I owned from some of these brands I didn’t like so I didn’t feel bad throwing some of it away and giving some of it away to friends. In my opinion, I find testing products on animals so cruel and absolutely ridiculous. I don’t get how a company can justify testing chemicals on little animals, we should treat every living being with respect.

5. Choose a food to describe your blog? (I ask everybody this! It’s fun to see what they come up with)

This is the most difficult question to answer. I am going to compare my blog to Lasagne because there’re layers to it… (Lasagne is my all time favorite, so yes. ) DAMMIT this would’ve been a perfect chance to reference Shrek and compare my blog to an onion because it has layers!!! Okay, My blog is like an onion, it has many layers. I don’t stick to one topic to blog about because many things interest me, So that is my blog. Hopefully, you don’t cry while reading it though

6. What is your ultimate goal as a blogger?

I’ve never thought of any ultimate goal. So I can’t really answer this one because I can’t really think of a goal right now, sorry to disappoint.

7. What are some staple things you need with you so you can write a post?

Firstly a computer, so I can type the posts. Usually, I have the TV or a youtube video playing so that I’m not in total silence and then I just type away.

8. What message do you want to leave your readers with after reading your posts?

I want them to know that I appreciate them reading my posts even if it’s really bad, Which most of them are! (Don’t be hard on yourself!) I always ask readers to leave comments and let me know what they think. I want to be able to discuss the topics with readers making it personal and enjoyable.

9. Give a shout out to 3 of your favorite blogs. (awwww, you don’t have to kiss my ass, I’m already interviewing you 😂) (And thank you)
I hope you guys enjoyed this little interview I did with Abi and don’t forget to check her blog out!

 Much love, Rawan❤ …