7 Struggles Every Blogger Understands | Humour

Hello, all you awesome readers! I’m back to your with another 7 Struggles post!

I seriously need to find a name for this series, but ugh. I think I’m just gonna call it The Struggles Series, I think that’s a good name…

Yeah, anyways! Today’s post is going to be about the struggles every blogger can relate to!

I decided to write and post this on RMAI’s 1 year birthday! YEAH! *claps* WE’RE 1 YEAR OLD NOW! WEEEEE!

Thank you for the 4,300+ readers that viewed/continue-to-view my blog! I love you!

Anyways, on to the post!


1. Finger Cramps

We all get finger cramps after writing a long post or writing 3 or 4 consecutive posts. It’s inevitable.

And with my shitty luck, I usually get them when I have this amazing idea, or am on a good roll, and don’t want to stop.

Usually, I couple hand exercises gets rid of the cramps, but come on! It just ruins my train of thought and is so UGH worthy.

2. Never Continue Post Series

This one is a major problem for me.

I usually have good ideas for post series, nd I write the first 3 or so posts, but then I just never follow through and finish them.

It’s quite sad because some of them have a lot of potential. I’m trying to get better, though. So expect a lot of follow-ups to old series like my Reading Playlists and New Music Releases posts coming soon!

3. Writing Slumps

This one, in my opinion, is the worst out of all of these.

It’s like your brain is just in this dead mode where you can’t think of anything to write. Or even if you have a topic you wanna write about, you just can’t come up with any content to put into it.

We usually get this when we write a lot and then just take a really long break.

So I usually write a whole bunch of blog posts in a week and then I would just not do anything until all of the posts were up and I had not content to put out. You just get out of the routine, and it’s hard to get back into it.

I’m writing a post on how to get over writer’s block, so if you’re going through that, then maybe subscribe so you don’t miss out on it in the future!

4. Traffic Drops

I know a lot of you know the emotional struggle! UGH!

It’s not only that your stats are dropping all of a sudden, but you also feel like you’ve let down your viewers somehow.

This is kind of inevitable, even if you’re this huge blogger with millions of views and subscribers.

You can find ways to fight this, and I’m thinking of writing a post about how to get more traffic to your blog, so if you’re interested, then like this post!

5. Guest Post Cancels


If I asked you to write a guest post for my blog, and we made a deal and shit, you can’t just drop out on me last minute.

I have a strategic schedule, and you can’t mess with that!

Because you cancelled, I have to come up with a different post, or I have to ask another blogger to write a guest post for me. So you’re not just messing up my schedule, but you’re giving me extra stress on top of everything.

6. Spam

I’ll work really hard on a post, and I mean really pour all of my hard work and effort into it, and you know what the only comment is?


Do people not give a shit about how much effort the author put into the work or….?

I get that people wanna get out there and get more viewers, but spam really isn’t the way to go, trust me.

7. Spell Checking

I had some really embarrassing posts where I didn’t even attempt to spell check them; but now I use Grammarly, and it checks my spelling, grammar and has a plagiarism checker too!

Even if you use some spell checkers, they will often miss things or just gloss over them, but with Grammarly, they check every single thing and make sure that your writing is as close to perfect as possible!


I hope you liked this instalment of The Struggles series, and I hope to see you back here soon!

Much love, Rawan❤ …