How to get through books faster | Books

Hey, guys! Today, I’m back with another quick post for you!

I wrote a post a while back about how to get over reading slumps, but I after you get over slumps, you’re usually behind on your GoodReads challenge; and that’s what inspired this post!

You should always read at your own pace, but when you need to catch up on your reading, you can use these quick tips to get back on track!


1. Listen to the audio-book at x2 speed

This one is the main one, that inspired this whole post.

I get surprised whenever people tell me that they never heard of this tip. It’s literally one of the best tips I’ve ever tried!

It cuts down your reading time to half! Let’s say that I’m reading Cress by Marissa Meyer; that audio book is about 15 hours, so if I listen to it at twice the speed, it’ll be only about 7 and a half hours.

2. Set goals for your self

If you set a goal for that day, you’ll be more motivated to finish those pages.

I would set smaller goals so that you actually get through them. I recommend you set a goal of about 20-50 pages, then when you reach that certain page goal, you can move on to next 20-50 pages.

3. Read every chance you get

If you’re waiting in line while grocery shopping, or stuck in traffic, or waiting for the commercials to pass while watching TV, READ!

Always have your book with you, because you really don’t wanna miss a moment where you could be reading your precious books!

I remember that I actually read while waiting for my teachers to come in during school days, and that’s when I got a lot of reading done.

4. Tackle one book at a time

If you’re like me, you probably have about 4 books that you’re reading at the same time; but to get through hem faster, you should just tackle on at a time.

If you combine tip 3 and 4 together, you have a great combo!

5. Read aloud

This is a good tip for those who have a hard time getting into a book faster.

If you read aloud, you will comprehend what you’re reading, which will in turn, make you get though books faster!


I hope you learnt a thing or two from this quick post. I just thought that it might be helpful for some people out there who struggle to catch up to their GR challenge, or want to get through their TBR faster.

Much love, Rawan❤ …