7 Struggles Every Tall Girl Understands | Humour

Hey, guys! I’m back with another 7 Struggles post! And this time, I’m targeting you, tall girls, out there!

I have always been a little taller than my friends and family, but when you compare me to other people out there, I’m not that tall (thank god).

Oh and I think I should probably mention that I’m about 5’8, just so you can get the picture.

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1. ‘Oh Wow You’re Tall’

God, if I hear this phrase one more time, it’ll be too soon.

Like I know I’m tall, you really don’t have to tell me, I seriously know…

And most of the time, it’s family that says that. My great aunt once told me that I should stop being so tall or guys would be lining up at my door. Because guys totally want a girl taller than them. Totally… (note the sarcasm)

2. You Can’t Wear Heels

God, how I hate this one.

I actually like wearing heels every once in a while, but I can’t. At all. UGH

I tried on this pair of cute heels that were about 5 inches tall, and they looked amazing on me. I never compliment myself, and I’m saying that I looked good in those heels.

One problem: I would be around 6″ with them on… Yeah. I put them back on the shelf.

3. Short Pants

UGH! Pants never fit well…

It’s either the waist doesn’t fit or the length doesn’t. I’m sure guys also know how this feels.

Oh, but when you find that one holy pair of pants… AHHHH… I love that felling.

4. Big Feet

Nobody likes to talk about this, but when you’re tall, you kinda have big feet. It’s a given.

That makes it really hard to find cute shoes, and very hard to wear sandals.

It’s like wearing a cute dress, then you just look down and AAAAA! Horse feet straight at you. It ruins everything, but we live with it.

5. ‘Can you get that for me?’

UGH! No, I don’t want to grab that jar because your short ass couldn’t reach it.

I’m not your personal ladder so don’t think that I’m gonna drop anything to come get that for you. (I will, ’cause I can’t say no, but it gets annoying after a while)

6.Tall guys like short girls

Oh, how I loathe this one.

There are some really hot tall guys out there, but they’re either taken or into short girls. I seriously don’t understand!

7. Selfies are the enemy

God, I don’t think I can get this point across.

Most of my friends are short, so when we take a photo, I kind of have to duck, and you don’t know the struggle, man, you don’t…

Unless you have really long arms or a selfie stick, half my face isn’t gonna be in the photo, sadly. UGH!


Even though being tall comes with its cons, I won’t change it for anything. I like being tall, it has its perks …😉

Much love, Rawan❤ …