7 Struggles Everybody With Braces Understands | Humour

Hey, guys! Today, I have a funny post for you!

It’s about 7 struggles that everyone with braces can relate to because hey if you can’t get rid of it, just make fun of it.

I originally wrote this as a guest post on Abi’s blog (GO CHECK HER OUT!), but I thought that it was way too good to not post on here for you guys.

I’ve had my braces on for more than a year now, and I’m supposed to take them off in a month or so (YAY). I literally can’t wait for them to be off!

I’m pretty sure most people can relate to this, and don’t take this personally, it’s only meant to be funny.

I also wrote another post about 7 Struggles Everybody with Dyed Hair Understands, a while ago, so if you want to read that, it’s there…

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1. Being Paranoid to Smile or Talk After You Eat

I feel like everybody with braces gets this feeling.
Even people without braces get food stuck in their teeth, but when you have metal bars glues on, it’s much much more likely.
It gets to a point where I don’t talk after I eat, I just have to race to the nearest bathroom.
Now there is a way to avoid this, and that is to carry those toothpick brush things, those are lifesavers! I’m telling you! You need to have those on you at all times, especially when you’re out to eat.


2. At the End of the Month, the Wire Keeps Poking Your Cheek

This one, I know for sure, everyone with braces feels this.
You dread this time because it feels like a needle is just poking and jabbing at your cheek 24/7. And don’t even get me started on running out of wax!
I usually get really annoyed with this a couple days before I have my monthly appointment, and let me tell you how frustrating it is!
Ugh! I don’t think this point needs any more explanation.


3. Everyone at the Orthodontist Knows You

This one isn’t really a struggle, it’s more of just an awkward fact…

This one nurse (Hi Marie, if you’re reading this), always gives me this awkward hug after each tightening and asks me if I need any panadol (which is a subject I’ll touch on later).

They’re all really sweet, it’s just weird that they call me by my nickname…


4. Getting Them Tightened

Holy shit! This is by far the most annoying thing that happens!
Every month, I go and get them tightened –like everyone else-, and I don’t feel anything while the lady is doing it, but the moment I leave the pain starts.
It’s like my brain just wants me to suffer! UGH!
It feels like a thousand little sticks are stabbing at my teeth at the same exact time.
The only thing you can do is just stay quiet and have some pain killers, which I eat like candy at this time.


5. Running Out of Wax

This is a feeling you don’t want to have, like ever! Running out of wax, especially at the end of the month (see #2).
And when you do go to the office, there is a high chance of forgetting to tell him.
This one is a simple, and yet frustrating one.


6. Stained Elastics by the End of the Month

UGH! I hate when this happens!
I always get the plain silver elastics, but this one time, I got the clear ones, and they didn’t stay clear for long.
By the end of the month, they turned yellow; especially because I’m a lover of tea and coffee.
I’m just going to give you a quick tip: get the darker colored elastics (silver is the best because it doesn’t show up)


7. Counting Down

We all count down to the day we get this metal torture machine off and out of out mouths!
I have about a month left (*crosses fingers and hopes it comes off quicker*).

I don’t know what my teeth will look like afterward, but I hope I end up with pearly whites because this has to be worth it. It just has to be.

Much love, Rawan❤ …