Tumblr Aesthetic #1

Hey, guys! Today, I’m back to you with a different type of post!

It’s the first post in a new series that I’ll be staring called Tumblr Aesthetics! 

I’m a big fan of Ariel’s Guilty Pleasure posts that she does over on withallmyaffection.com, so I decided to do something like them.

She basically compiles some photos from Tumblr, and collaged them, so I decided to do my little twist on it, and do my little life goals or something like that.

I’ll be giving each one a general color theme, so this one is going to be white, and maybe the next one is gonna be black and so on.

I hope you enjoy!


These posts don’t really have any text in them, so they’re not going to be very content heavy as you can see. It’s only about 8-10 photos and the intro, so they’ll be very very short and to the point. I hope you like these posts!