Surviving Finals | Tips and Tricks, School

Hey, guys! Today, I have a quick little post for you! I know today isn’t a post day, but I just wanted to put this out there for you!

I’m going through the horrible act of taking finals right now, and thought what better post to write than a little guide on how to survive finals!

I’m going to be giving study tips, stress relieving tips, and some comfortable and quick-to-put-together outfits for exam days!

Without further a due, let’s get going!

Study Tips

1. 45, 15, 45, 15 Repeat!

I use this one all the time! I even use this when I’m just doing homework or something.

You study for 45 minutes, then you take a 15-minute break. You just repeat that until you finish your work.

Sometimes I cheat and add more time so it’s more like a 50, 15, but you do what you wanna do!

2. Take outline notes

I, personally like to take most of my notes when I’m in class, but when it comes to finals, taking outline notes helps me a lot!

I then take my notes with me to school to revise with before I enter the examination hall. It really helps!

If you don’t know how to take outline notes, then you can watch this video I foud on youtube!

3. Tackle One thing at a time

If you have 3 exams in a week (which is my situation) then you can study for one subject, let’s say Biology, using the 45, 15 min method, then when you finish studying for Biology, you can take an extra long break, for let’s say 30 minutes.

This helps you separate the ideas in your head. It’s almost like you’re rewarding yourself by giving yourself this time! I usually like to watch an episode of a show I’m following or read my book or something to help me relax.

4. Do Not Disturb Mode

Go and tell your family or roommates or whoever you live with to not disturb you in these 45-minute segments.

And if you can, give them your phone and any other distractions.

If you have an iPhone, then you can put your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode, which will make your phone not light up when notifications and stay off until you turn it on. ( <— very very helpful!)

Those are my 4 study tips for you! Now we can move on to the stress relieving!

stress relieving tip

1. Stretch every so often

I’m not good at doing this, but I’m getting better.

If I don’t do this, then when I get up I just have really bad back pains and not to mention a bad case of the numb-butt.

So every 20 0r 30 minutes, do some stretching, and you’ll be good!

I saw this infographic, and thought it would be amazing for this post! It shows you 10 stretches you can do in your seat or by just standing up!


2. Avoid power naps

Powernaps just fuck up your whole body. You sleep for 20 minutes and wake up feeling like a bus ran over you!

You can take a nap-nap, for the usual 30-60 minutes, but avoid the really short 10-20 minute naps, because they’re just gonna mess up your rhythm.

3. Less Caffeine, more sleep

This one kind of  goes with the last one. Cut down on the energy drinks and coffee and get more sleep.

The more you sleep, the healthier you’ll be, which will make you remember more of the shit that you’ll never use in your life AKA school.

As a coffee and monster lover, I find this one to be very hard, but I try to follow it around finals!

That’s all I have for stress relieving, so now we can go on to the outfits!

Outfit Ideas

Outfit #1


This is as simple as a pop-punk kid outfit can go. A sweatshirt with a graphic, ripped black skinny jeans, some black vans and a cute backpack to carry your shit.

This is basically what I wear every day (I don’t wear ripped jeans to school, that’s not allowed in our dress code, but everything else is on point!)

It’s quick and cute, and not to mention comfortable as hell!

Outfit #2


This one is more on the girly side (not really my style, but it’s cute)!

A cute floral romper with white high tops and a cute backpack! You can even layer a couple necklaces and bracelets to spice it up a bit, and you’re good to go!

This is good for hot days when you need to be on the run and not sweating 24/7!

(This is gonna get me 0% tolerance in  my school because of the dress code, but I’m sure you can wear some stockings and be good to go!)

Outfit #3


This is one of my favourites! It’s basically ripped skinny jeans, a crop top (MCR REPRESENTING MOFO! sorry…), some sneakers and a messenger bag to carry your books.

You can just slip into this in the morning, and not have to worry about being uncomfortable while being stylish as fuck!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And if you have finals, then good luck, and remember, summer’s right around the corner!

Much love, Rawan❤ …