7 Struggles Everybody With Dyed Hair Understands | Humour

Hey, guys! I’m back to you with a kind of different post… It’s more of a funny humorous post, but I feel like some of you might relate to it in some ways.

As you can see from the title, it’s going to be talking about 7 struggles people with dyed hair understand.

I was thinking for a while about starting this little mini-series of posts about  7 Struggles People with ______ Understand, but never really got to doing it, but guess what?! I’m doing it now!

I did one for Abi, my friend, a while ago about 7 struggles everybody with braces understands, but I didn’t really think of doing another until a while ago.

I have another one coming up too, so keep you eyes looking out for that, but till then, enjoy this post!


1. Hair goes everywhere

I think most of us understand this. UGH! This is basically the worst and most annoying things about dying hair.

You’ll be just brushing your hair, but then you’ll look down at the floor and find piles of hair (that’s an exaggeration, but you understand what I mean).

Or you’ll just be sitting down in class, and you’ll look down to see a couple hairs just sitting there. Looking at you. Haunting you.

It’s just a curse that comes with dying your hair, but you’ll get to live with it.

2. Uneven Colour

This depends on what dye you used and when you last dyed it, but most of you will understand the pain.

Let’s say it’s the end of the month, and you haven’t dyed your hair in 2 months or so. I can’t really say that this is the same case for people with natural colored hair (dyed blond, black etc.), but it is with us ‘funky’ haired people. Back to my point; you haven’t dyed your hair in a while,

Back to my point; you haven’t dyed your hair in a while, if you have blue hair (which is my case), then it’ll eventually turn a greeny blue, which is basically the color of puke. Not pretty. And this especially happens when you have a shitty base or bleach job, which is my next point.

3. Bad bleach job

UGH! I hate when this happens! I’m bleaching my hair, which means I’m basically volunteering to burn my hair, but then you have to go and fuck it up for me! Like why?! You’re literally turning my hair orange!

And the problem is that when you put color over it, it just doesn’t turn into the same color. Like lets, say that you wanted to dye your hair blue, it would turn a grungy green instead.

It really just throws you off your game, to be honest.

4. ‘What color should I dye my hair next?’

Oh, the horrid question! I never really know what to chose.

I’ve now dyed my hair three times (technically 2, but never mind), and I still don’t know how to chose a color.

There is no real way of choosing a color, it’s just what I feel like doing it that moment, and that just frustrates me.

5. ‘It’s gonna all fallout!

I hate when people say this. It’s my hair! I don’t get why you need to tell me that I’m gonna be bald. I CAN TAKE CARE OF MY OWN HAIR!

I’m aware that I’m going to loose a lot of hair in the process of dying it, but you really don’t have to remind me…

6. Showering

Oh, the horror! This kind of depends on the dye that you use, but I guarantee that when you just dye your hair then jump straight into the shower, you’re going to see a fucking crime scene! Especially if you have red hair!

You’re going to probably stain your floor, walls, skin and everything you touch. Just wait for it…

And this happens every.single.time… So you better get used to it.

7. Split Ends

This might be one of the worst things that comes with dyed hair, it’s almost as if god just looks down at you and asks your hair to split into many little, annoying ends. UGH!

You’d think it’s simple. Just cut all the split ends away! BUT NO! That would mean cutting all my hair off.

This annoys me to such an extent that I actually started thinking that it wasn’t worth going through this to have dyed hair. But of course that won’t happen… Hopefully.

Much love, Rawan ❤ …