My Favourite Underrated Artists #2 | Music

Hey, guys! Welcome to another post by your’s truly, Rawan the hipster. 

I always feel like when I publish posts about my favorite underrated ____ all the hipsters just kind of nod their head in encouragement.

Anyways, back to the point. I’m back with another My Favorite Underrated Artists post!

I did the first one of these back in January of this year, so it’s been a while. I think it’s time for an update, don’t you think?

Keep reading if you want to find out about my favorite indie/underrated musicians.



Her voice is just pure beauty, I swear! Once you hear her music, you’ll just get captivated into this gorgeous world of melodies.

You won’t even think that the person behind this powerful voice is a 19-year-old Norweigan girl.

She doesn’t get that much recognition in the alternative world, and I don’t understand why!

I mentioned her songs in some of my reading music playlists and 10 songs I’m loving at the moment posts, so I think that her name isn’t’ that foreign to my loyal readers.

If you haven’t listened to her music before, then I really recommend you get your ass to apple music and get all her eps and albums!


Made Violent

Oh, if you knew how obsessed I am with them!

I originally found out about their music when I was looking for music for a new music releases post, and now I’m just a one of their biggest fans.

They put out their debut EP in 2015, and now the have a new single and are on tour with The Struts. 

They have this beat that in all their songs, so you can just tell which songs are Made Violent’s and which aren’t.


And they’re going on tour with The Struts, another one of my favorite bands of all time!

Made Violent


Again, new talent is everywhere. They put out their debut album out a while ago, and I’ve heard nobody talk about them. LIKE HOW?!

I actually just went to Andy Black’s (AKA Andy Biersack AKA Andy Sixx) facebook page, and found out that they’re going on tour with him!

I’m just gonna say that again! COLOURS ARE GOING ON TOUR WITH ANDY BLACK!

2 (technically 3, but nevermind that) of my all time favorite artists, are touring together! AHHHH!!!

Go get on the train before they get too popular! (majot hipster alert)

Colours  .jpg

Can’t Swim

This is only a new find, because I haven’t really been listening to them for that long, but from what I’ve listened to, they really do deserve a shit ton more fans then they already do.

There’s not really one band that I can compare them to, because I’ve never heard anything like their style, btu you can count on me  to tell you that they deserve your time.


Much love, Rawan❤