YouTuber Interview with Emma Giordano (Emmabooks) | Interview

Hey, guys! Today, I’m back with another really exciting post! I’m interviewing one of my all time favorite Youtubers, Emma Giordano AKA Emmabooks!

She’s a part of the BookTube community, which is basically a whole community full of people who are passionate about books and reading.

You may know her from my other post , My Favourite YouTuberswhich I wrote a while back because she was mentioned as one of the first ones.

Anyways, let’s get on with the interview!


Can you introduce yourself to the viewers?

Hi! My name’s Emma. I’m 20 years old from New York and I love all things young adult. I’m a reader, a content creator, a dancer, a psychology student, and chipotle-consumer.


Why did you start BookTube?

I started BookTube halfway through my senior year of high school. All of my friends had graduated the year before me, so my final year of high school was pretty lonely. I found a lot of comfort in books and spent most of my lunch periods reading at the library until I accidentally stumbled across BookTube. As soon as I found this little community on YouTube, I was hooked. I loved the idea of book lovers from all over the word coming together to make fun book-related videos and discuss literature together. I had finally found the place where I belonged, and I couldn’t join in on the experience soon enough.


How long have you been doing BookTube for? Are you planning on doing it in the future?

I started my BookTube channel on January 27, 2014, so I’ve been an active member of the community for just over two years now. I am DEFINITELY planning on continuing BookTube in the future. It’s been such a positive experience, I can’t imagine my life without it at the moment.


What food do you think best describes your youtube channel?

As a lover of food, I’d probably say cupcakes. I really don’t know why I just absolutely love cupcakes.


Describe your self in 5 words or short phrases.

Confident. Compassionate. Ambitious. Neurotic. Passionate.


Would you ever publish your own book/book series?

I would love to publish my own book series some day. Currently, I don’t have the time to sit down and fully plan out/start writing down my ideas, but given the correct timing, I would love to improve my writing and eventually be a published author.


What are your favorite videos to film? Your least favorite?

Currently, I’ve been loving filming unboxings. Recently, a few smaller book subscription services have asked me to unbox some of their services, and I’ve had so much fun doing it. I also received a ton of gifts from my friends for my birthday that I’m planning on doing an unboxing of soon. I just think the surprise of opening something when you have no idea what’s inside is a really great element of these types of videos and it’s super enjoyable for both the YouTuber and the viewers. I also really love discussion videos. While they take a long time to plan, once I have an idea that I’m super passionate about, it’s the only thing on my mind until I can film it and discuss whatever topic with the community. My least favorite maybe reviews, just because they are the longest to prepare for. You read the book, simultaneously take notes while reading, organize your notes when the book is finished (I personally script out my reviews as a whole just so I know everything is coming across the exact way I want it to), and then filming and editing (which can be a pain sometimes as my reviews can get pretty lengthy). But, if it’s a book I loved and have a lot to say about, it can be really enjoyable to get out all the feels and talk about it with the community.


Who’s your favorite underrated author?

I don’t think I have any favorite underrated “authors” in general. But a few underrated books I love are Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone, This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales, Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones, The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and The Program by Suzanne Young. All fantastic reads that deserve way more hype!!


Is it awkward when people come up to you in public?

It’s not awkward to me at all! It mostly happens at book signings and conventions which I try to go to pretty frequently, and I always have so much fun talking to viewers, finding new BookTube channels I didn’t know about, and generally talking about books with new people! Though someone did come up to me in my hometown’s mall the other day to tell me they loved my videos and I thought it was the coolest thing ever haha. I LOVE it when people come to say hi to me regardless of where it is. It’s super rewarding to hear what people love about your content and why you mean so much to them.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not filming or reading?

When I’m not reading or filming, I love to dance. I’ve been taking dance classes since I was two, and I started hoop dancing over a year ago (it’s dancing with a hula hoop and it’s the coolest thing ever; look it up, you won’t be disappointed). I love going to concerts; my favorite genre of music is electronic and luckily NYC has a ton of shows going on all the time that I can go to. I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend as well, we’ve been together for over four years and he always puts a smile on my face. I also work a lot and am a full-time student so that combined with school work takes up A LOT of my free time. All of that combined with reading and BookTube pretty much makes up all of my life haha.


How do you read so fast? Any tips for people?

I’ve actually been meaning to make a video about this, thanks for the extra motivation, haha! I think it’s less about reading “fast” because that’s something so individual to each reader and not something that can be talk, but about reading “more. The two best tips I can offer (and teasers for that future video I’ll eventually make) is to make reading a priority and take advantage of the time you have to read. If you don’t wanna read, you’re not going to. So setting aside specific time for reading and making sure you make time for it is a really important factor. If you’re like me, someone with a super busy schedule who can’t always set aside hours for reading, it’s important to make use of the time you have. Read while in line at the store, read while you’re eating lunch, read while you’re waiting for class to start. If you can manage 10 pages five separate times during the day, you’ve just added 50 pages to your reading for the day. Make time when you can and make use of the time you have!


Do you have any tips for new book tubers/bloggers?

JUST DO IT. Create your blog. Film a video and post it. The only way you’ll get better at it is if you try and throw yourself out there. A lot of people are anxious about putting themselves on the internet in fear of ridicule from people in real life or negative feedback online, but literally EVERYONE starts that way. The only way to gain confidence in this area and move past your fears is to keep trying at it, and I promise that will come. Don’t worry about your inexperience or not having some fancy blog theme or good quality filming equipment. That will all come down the line when you’re really committed and feel like you should be investing more into your blog or channel, but you don’t need any of that to start. All you need is motivation, a willingness to try, and passion for the topics you’re going to be talking about. If you have even one of the three, give it a go.


Do you have any tips on getting sponsors/PR deals?

Sponsorship and deals with publishers come in due time. A lot of companies have certain requirements like a 10,000 subscriber/follower quota in order to establish a relationship with the BookTuber or blogger. It’s definitely something to keep in mind considering the reason people receive these opportunities is based on their following and smaller accounts are more likely to be rejected, but don’t let it discourage you! If you have a specific book you want an arc of to review or want to inquire about collaborations with BookTubers/book bloggers in general for a specific company, you can usually find their publicity email on their website and you can email them from there. If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation on how to work with publishers, I do have a video discussing the topic (shameless self-promo oops?):


Writing blog posts vs. Filming videos

Filming videos! I don’t ever use my blog and I personally have much more fun getting up in front of a camera.


Reading with music vs with silence

Reading with music! I can’t stand silence. To be honest, it’s distracting to me haha.


Reading an ebook vs the physical copy

Physical copy! Ebooks have their perks, but I love being able to hold an actual book.


Paperbacks vs hardcovers

Hardcovers! I feel like there’s so much support for a hardback book that makes it easier to hold and stay open to a page without help.


Book/series turned into TV show vs movie

Books turned into a movie! I just find movie franchises to be more exciting. Midnight premieres, dressing up as your favorite characters, all the fans joined together rather than watching it by yourself in your room are all of my favorite things when it comes to book to screen adaptations.


Thank you again, Emma, for letting me interview you! It was a blast to read your answers, and I’m sure that my readers will also think so!

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Much love, Rawan ❤ …