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Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m showing yo the things I bought while I was on my trip to Italy!

I came back a couple weeks ago, but had many things to do and finish up, so I couldn’t post this straight away.

I also have another post, which is a compilation fo the photos I took while on my trip. That may take a while to be published, but I’m working on it.




#113, #111, #104

I actually got #113 by accident, but ended up loving it! I originally only wanted to buy #111, but when I walked up to the KIKO counter, I just fell in love with all of the colours and bought 3 of them…

I actually wore #104 yesterday and got so many compliments on my eyeliner. The swatches really don’t do the colour justice.Because the light didn’t hit #104, it doesn’t really show up as green as it doesn’t in real life. It’s this really beautiful green/grey

Because the light didn’t hit #104, it doesn’t really show up as green as it doesn’t in real life. It’s this really beautiful green/grey-black with a beautiful shimmery glitter.


KIKO Smooth Temptation Lipsticks

#06, #01, #03

I first bought 2 colours, #06 and another one that was slightly lighter than #06, but I lost that colour. (I’m really mad about losing that 😥 ), but then I went back to the counter and bought all the colours that were available at that time.

I just fell in love with the feel of the lipsticks and the colour pay off, that I just had to go and buy all the colours!

My favourite one is #06, but I like to use #01 to highlight the middle of my lip and to ombré my lip.

I also like to dab my lips with a tissue after I apply them to mattify them. I find that these look a lot better when they’re matte.


Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner


KIKO Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner


KIKO Colour Kajals

#114, #115

I’ve been really into doing my winged liner lately, so I decided to get a couple eyeliners while I was at this little counter.

I got 2 felt tip eyeliners, but I find that the KIKO liner is better for the baseline, while I use the Maybelline liner for the wing part.

I also got 2 kohl liners from KIKO, because I tried them out last time I went to Italy but didn’t get them.

I already had #114, but I ran out, so I decided to go ahead and get another one. As for #115, I bought it just because I needed a nude eyeliner-pencil thing for my waterline.


KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows

#41, #20

KIKO Soft Focus Concealer


If you read my last Italy haul (I posted that last year, and I don’t really recommend you go back and read it), then you know that I really fell in love with the stick eyeshadows from KIKO!

They lasted so long on the lids and the colour payoff was just beautiful! So I decided to pick up some more colours from them. I really wish that I picked up another one of the black because I’ve been getting so much use out of it lately.

As for the concealer, I have no words! This is by far one of the best concealers I’ve ever used. It doesn’t crease, it stays on for a long time, the colour matches me perfectly, and the packaging is really sleek. It’s just so perfect!!!!


KIKO Natural Concealer


KIKO Full-Coverage Cream Concealer


I ended up giving away the Natural Concealer away because it was just too dark for my skin. It’s such a shame because it actually seemed like it would work.

I actually tried the full coverage concealer out last year and fully devoured the whole thing, so I decided to repurchase it.



#212, #275, #250, #222  

I already have a lot of the Infinity shadows already, and I really adore the pigmentation and all around feel of them, so I decided to go ahead and get some more.

I got some bright shades because most of my eyeshadow collection consists of neutrals, so I decided to spice things up a bit.


KIKO CC Cream Cushion System

Warm Beige #30

KIKO Metallic Shine Eyeshadow


L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

#3 Vanille

I don’t have that many cushion products, so whenever I go to Europe, I just make sure to pick up some, because over there (for some reason) they have really cheap CC creams and shit.

I also go this shadow, because it was from this limited edition collection that I thought was just really pretty. I also just needed a champagne coloured eyeshadow for my inner corner.


Chanel Chance ‘Eau Fraîch’; Perfume

This is my favourite purchases that I made during my trip; well didn’t buy it but I got it as an early birthday gift. (My birthday was on March 30th if you wanted to know).

I get so many compliments whenever I wear this out, and I just AHH! I’ve fallen in love with the smell of this!

I got the Eau Fraîche one, which smells like citrus and lemon and shit. It just smells really clean and fresh. That’s kind of why I really like it.


Lancôme Mini Perfume Set

I just couldn’t resist buying this as a little gift for myself when I found this in the Duty-Free! It has 5 of Lancôme’s signature perfumes.

It has a little Hypnose, La Vie Est Belle, Tresor, Tresor in Love, and Miracle.

They’re all so little, but not too little that you can’t get any use out of them.





Sculptures (+A Shot Glass I Won’t Use)


A Post Card from Verona



Genuine Leather Journal


Vintage Looking Journal


Cute Stationary I just couldn’t resist buying

No, okay, I’m serious now.

Last time I went to Italy, I dropped by this little vintage indie stationary shop around the Brescia area, and fell in love! 

I just had to get a little look at this shop again this time around, and I even got the business card for you.

I highly, highly recommend you go check this shop out if you’re ever around the Brescia area. Their information is on the business card in the picture.


That’s all I bought on my week long trip to Itay!

I’ll have a Photo compilation post coming out soon, so make sure to look out for that! Until Friday, goodbye!


Much love, Rawan ❤ …