Andy Black ‘We Don’t Have to Dance’ | Music Review

Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m doing another music review!

I don’t do these enough lately, so I decided to review and dissect one of my favourite songs at the moment: We Don’t Have to Dance by Andy Black (AKA Andy Biersack, AKA pure perfection)

He recently released his first single from his soon coming debut album, The Shadow Side. 

I’ve literally been waiting for this ever since They Don’t Have to Understand came out, and that came out in 2014, so it’s been 2 years. That’s enough waiting.

He also released his music video for it recently, so if you want to see what I think about the song and the music video then keep reading!

Oh, and before you go, I just want to tell you that I’ve done 3 music reviews previously. One on Troye Sivan’s WILD ep, one on Kane Brown’s I Love That I Hate Youand one on 5 Seconds of Summer’s Castaway and Invisible


First of all, I’m just gonna show you all the videos that I want to show you, then you can go on to the review. You can even listen to the song while you read so you get double the effect!

Music Video (for We don’t have to dance):

Behind the Song:

Music Video (for They Don’t Need to Understand):



we dont have to dance

Cover for the single, We Don’t Have to Dance

I’m pretty sure you already know that I’m obsessed with Andy and just Black Veil Brides in general, so it’s pretty obvious that I’m going to be raving about this song and his upcoming album, The Shadow Side.


He’s been teasing us with sneak peaks of the video and song for months now, and finally, we have the full song!

I’m signed up for the Andy Black email newsletter, so I got sent the lyrics by that before the song was actually out, and in some way, I feel like it spoiled the song for me.

I’m not saying that it made me like the song less, it just took away a little bit of the surprise aspect away, I guess.

When I first listened to the full song, it had only been out for a couple hours, so there was so much hype over it. People that support BVB were raving about the song and people who’ve never heard of Andy also were praising the song.

I guess it was just amazing to have so many fandoms come together and unite on this amazing day!

Anyways, when I first listened to it, I was still in the airport because at the time I just came back from Italy.

So I just sat at one of those shitty airport chairs and wait to get a good signal so I can load the song.

When I listened to the song, I totally didn’t expect it to be this slow ’80s pop vibe, which was pretty dumb now that I think about it.


Cover for the album, The Shadow Side


Andy priorly told us that the album is supposed to be based on ’80s pop/rock.

I didn’t really know what to think because I expected it to be this outrageously loud beat, but I was met with this slow but yet loud and blood-pumping tune. It was weird to experience that.

If you’ve watched the video that I put above, the Behind the Song, then you’ll know that Andy wrote this song about social anxiety and how the world expects celebrities to go out and party like animals, how society sometimes forgets that they’re people too.

And here are just some snippits from the lyrics.

You’re never gonna get it
I’m a hazard to myself
I’ll break it to you easy
This is hell, this is hell
You’re looking and whispering
You think I’m someone else
This is hell, yes.
Literal hell.


We don’t have to talk
We don’t have to dance
We don’t have to smile
We don’t have to make friends
It’s so nice to meet you,
Let’s never meet again
We don’t have to talk
We don’t have to dance
We don’t have to dance


Record scratch; Steve Miller Band
Tattooed necks and tattooed hands
Oh, how don’t you drown in a rain storm?
Fresh regrets, vodka sweats
The sun is down and we’re bound to get
Exhausted and so far from the shore


He just goes on and on whispering ‘we don’t have to dance’ over and over, and it just feels like he’s whispering into my ear and UGH!

I don’t think I’ve found something hotter than Andy Biersack in this world.

I give this song a 5/5!

5 stars

If you live in the UK area and want to see Andy perform live, then here are the tour dates. 


If you want to check out the album, or the US tour dates, then you can go check out for more information.

Much love, Rawan ❤ …