TV Shows I Want to Start #2 | TV & Movies

Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m back with an updated version of my TV Shows I Want to Start post, which I wrote around early December, and I’ll also be updating you on the progress I did on that previous list.

I have a couple Netflix originals, and some regular shows, but you can watch them all on They have all new movies, and TV shows for you to watch for free, and I love using them, even though I have my Netflix membership. (I am not paid to say that).

I only have a couple this time, and if you’ve watched any of them, please tell me your opinions in the comments.

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Game Of Thrones

This one is just so well known and loved that I just really want to watch it!

I would read the books before, but they’re just so big… Nope, too many pages for me to read!

I know that a lot of people die in this one, so I’m pretty aware of that…

This is a little summary/synopsis of the show if you don’t know…

George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” is brought to the screen as HBO sinks its considerable storytelling teeth into the medieval fantasy epic. It’s the depiction of two powerful families — kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men — playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne. Martin is credited as a co-executive producer and one of the writers for the series, which was filmed in Northern Ireland and Malta.

(Taken from IMDb)



I found this while browsing through this IMDb page, and the whole concept just seemed so funny, that I just had to check it out.

Mt first thought was ‘this is going to be like the office’, but now I’m not really sure.

I’m going to be marathoning all the seasons in the summer, but maybe I’ll test the waters before that…

Late nights and lazy days are a thing of the past for three college friends who enter the workforce together. Well, maybe not! For Blake, Adam and Anders, making the transition from slacker students to prompt professional telemarketers isn’t a smooth one, considering dress codes, deadlines and actually using an alarm clock are foreign concepts to the guys. So they spend their days avoiding doing any real work before looking for a good time at night.


I found this on my On Demand thing, and then later found out that there will be a supergirl-flash crossover. That kind of just pushed me over the edge

This show is on the top of my list (well this is the 3rd on this list, but mentally this is my 1st)

At 12 years old, Kara Zor-El escapes doom on planet Krypton to find protection on Earth with the Danver family, where she grows up in the shadow of her foster sister, Alex, and learns to hide the extraordinary powers she shares with her cousin, Superman. Now an adult living in National City and working for media mogul Cat Grant, Kara finds her days of keeping her abilities a secret are over when super-secret agency head Hank Henshaw enlists her to help protect the city’s citizens from threats. Finally coming into her own, Kara must juggle her new responsibilities with her very human relationships.


True Blood

This is also pretty high up on my list, because, for some reason, I’ve been craving a vampire show for the last month or so.

From the synopsis, I feel like this is going to satisfy my thirst for blood! MWAHAHAHA

Nope, I hate it when people do that in posts, and now I’m doing it myself…


Small-town Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse already is viewed as an oddball by her friends and neighbors, since she can read the minds of those around her. She doesn’t exactly help her reputation, though, when she falls for Bill Compton, a 173-year-old vampire who has “come out of the coffin” along with many of his undead comrades now that a new synthetic blood has made it possible for vampires to survive without preying on humans. Still, the conservative locals aren’t wild about mortal-vampire liaisons, especially Sookie’s boss, Sam Merlotte, who carries a torch for her. “Six Feet Under” creator Alan Ball is behind this series adaptation of best-selling novels by Charlaine Harris.



Much love, Rawan <3…