New Music Releases #3 | Music

Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m back with another New Music Releases post!

I did 2 other posts like this in the past, one in early December of 2015, and one in late September of 2015, so if you want, you can go and read those after you finish reading this one!

A little disclaimer: My go-to genres are pop-punk, alternative, rock, metal etc. So if you’re not into that, then I’m sorry because that’s what I’m going to be sharing new music that has come out in those categories.

I know that my long-time readers get sick of hearing that, but I just put that in for my new readers.

SAN MARINO (4).jpg

I’m actually thinking of making this a monthly series on here, but I’m not really sure so don’t quote me on that.

For now, enjoy me talking about new music releases for now.

We Don’t Have To Dance by Andy Black (Single)

I’ve been anticipating this release from 2014 when Andy released They Don’t Have to Understand. So now hearing that he’s putting out a whole album… You can guess that I’m totally fangirling right now!

I’m not going to go too deep into reviewing this song because I will be doing a whole music review about it.

His debut album, The Shadow Side, will be coming out very very soon, and is actually up for pre-order right now, so GO GET IT ON ITUNES!!!

we dont have to dance.jpg


Everybody Wants by The Struts (Album)

I just found out about The Struts a couple weeks ago, so they’re still quite new to me, but this album is really good and has some awesome tracks.

The album cover looks a bit vulgar and sexual, but the actual music has a lot of meaning hidden throughout. This is one great example of the saying don’t judge a book by its cover.



Inguz by Normandie (Album)

Again, this is a bit of an indie band for me, but I found out that they’re actually really popular in some countries.

The whole album as a whole (instrumentals, vocals, lyrics, etc. ) was outstanding and just beautifully made.

And a little fun fact for you: Inguz is the rune of isolation or separation in order to create a space or place where the process of transformation into higher states of being can occur. Rune of gestation and internal growth.


Portrait by Cardiknox (Album)

This is another golden find! I was scrolling through the Itunes New Alternative Music section and just found this beauty.

There are so many good tracks on this album, that I can’t even choose a favourite from them all!

If you haven’t already given Cardiknox a try, then go to Itunes right now and listen to Portrait right now!



Either That or the Moon by Desert Mountain Tribe (Album)

I’m really happy that I found out about  Desert Mountain Tribe, because they’re a really awesome alternative band, with great potential!

Some of the songs like Feel the Light and Midnight Sky really hit deep with the lyrics, and don’t even get me started on the instrumentals because I won’t stop talking about that!

I especially loved the drum beats that were in Heaven and Hell! I’ve had this really weird obsession with drums and drummers these past couple months, I don’t really know what started it, but I’m not complaining 😂 .



Much love, Rawan <3…