Soulmates? | Short Story

Most girls dream of their prince charming since a young age, but she was different…

She was scared of falling in love.

Even the mere mention of the act sends an agonizing shiver down her spine.

She couldn’t understand how people believed in love, or soulmates…

That was until she met him

He changes everything…

THE (1)

When she met him, it all changed.

She promised herself to not do this. To not fall in love, to learn on someone else for happiness… To fall into this helpless pit of love, that no one can rise from.

She thought she was better than this. She thought she could dodge it.

She got this feeling when she first saw him…

She felt like there was this pull. Like the world was beckoning her to talk to him.

But when she saw him, when she really saw him. She admired his features, which she could only describe in one word.

Perfect. That was the only word she could describe him as. Perfect.

His eyes a shade of green she’s never seen before, his cheekbones high as the empire state building, his jawline so sharp that that it could cut a marble block, his lip was pierced with a black ring, that made them look even fuller, his hair so messily perfect under a gray beanie.

Even the way he bit his lips was perfect, and she couldn’t stop looking at the way he ran his fingers through his hair…

Everything about him was just perfect.

No. No. No.

A little voice repeated in her head.

Don’t do this. You promised you wouldn’t. He’ll just break your heart…

‘Hi,’ a voice interrupted her thoughts.

It was him…

That one word caused a life full of pain, misery… and love… to rise.

She ignored her thoughts and continued on to talk to him.

Even the sheer act of him talking made her feel weak at the knees.

His voice was deep and raspy but smooth at the same time. His teeth caught his lip ring when he stopped talking.

I didn’t know it was possible for someone to be so… so perfect.

She was so caught up at admiring him, that she wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying.

‘As I was saying, would you like to go out to see a movie sometime?’

Those words were the start of something beautifully painful. Love.

He’s gonna hurt you…

‘I would love to go to the movies,’


She did it.

She fell in love. Head over heels in love with him.

He’s just gonna hurt you, just wait.

The voices never left, but she couldn’t care less about them, he was her’s, and she was his.

They were in love.

She wanted it to last forever, but good things never last, she knew that. She knew that it was only a matter of time before this love was broken.

But for now, she felt as if he was her soulmate.

Her other half; he completed her, and she completed him, or so she thought…


She should have known he was trouble.

‘Forever and always,’ he would keep repeating.

‘I love you,’ ‘You are my other half,’ ‘I will never leave you,’

All lies. All of it. Every single bit of it. Lies.

She knew that it would end, but she didn’t think it would be this soon.

He was so perfect. So perfect that she didn’t believe it was true.

She should have followed her gut.

He took her love and stepped on it. He broke it. Ripped it in half and made her watch the decay that was left

I told you so…

The voices would continue…

She felt as if her heart was ripped out, and it was all her fault.

Love is a dangerous game, and she just fell into that pit. The same pit she dreaded to fall in.

But this time, she wasn’t gonna go back in.

To love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be destroyed…

But it was worth being destroyed…

Because she will never stop loving him, he was her soulmate…


I hope you enjoyed this little short story.

It is one of my firsts, so don’t judge. I loved writing this, so I think I might write some more of these.

Other than that, I just want to state that this is fully fictional, but it does happen in real life…

Much love, Rawan <3…