Growing Apart… | Personal, Open Letter

Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m writing about a personal topic, but I feel like this has to be put out there.

I am writing about best friends growing apart, and my experience with it.

I also am posting this as an open letter to a certain friend, and I hope that one-day things are all going to be the same again.

I am in no way trying to give you advice on how to deal with your friendships, but I’m just sharing my personal story.

Now, I know that some people from school know and read my blog, so I’m sorry if this is gonna make anything awkward between us if you are actually reading this.

Dear Friend,

We’ve had a good run, and I’m sorry that this is happening.

I can’t help but feel like this is happening because of me, but I know it was just a matter of time until this happened. 

This was a long time running, but I really hope one day, we reunite. 

I don’t really have any friends other than you, so this is actually tearing me apart, but if this is what’s best for us, then I think it’s better if we just let it go.

All those sleepless nights of us talking or texting till the wee hours of the night are all gone because life doesn’t think we should hang out. 

You seem to have other friends that you spend more time with every day, leaving me sitting on the bathroom stall’s floor cradling my book hoping that one day things will be alright. 

We used to be so close, what happened? I know. I think that everything is just pushing us a little too far. I think that I’m pushing you away because I’ve had enough. I think that maybe we’re all just a bit too jealous. I think it’s time to just leave. 

You know all my secrets and share all my memories, but I’m not afraid of you sharing them because I know that even if we grow apart, you’ll still care enough to not ruin my life. 

People used to say that our friendship was the strongest, and is most likely to last till the end of time, but look where we ended up…

I remember the day we promised that we would go to college together and travel the world. Explore the universe as the fantastic duo, but life doesn’t treat people fairly. 

I care about you, I really do. I’m only pushing you away so you can have a good life without all my nonsense, without my problems. 


Your Other Half, 

Much love, Rawan <3…