My Favorite Underrated Artists | Music

Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m doing a post on my 5 most favorite underrated artists.

I think that these people should get more recognition, and just be in the spotlight.

I think I’ll be doing more of these sometime soon if you like it.

Oh, and before I start the list, I’ll just mention that by ‘underrated’, I mean that I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about them, or at least here where I am.


Ben Howard

I always tell people that Ben Howard is like a mixture of Ed Shereen and James Bay, but like a more alternative singer/songwriter. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

His music is just really relaxing, and his lyrics! I adore his lyrics!

You can tell how much work is put into all the lyrics and how much passion in poured into it.

I don’t hear much about him here; I actually have never heard someone talk about his music. I heard one of his songs in an apple music playlist, and as you can see, I’ve felt in love!

My favorite songs are The Wolves, Keep Your Head Up, Conrad, and Ever Green.



Brayton Bowman

I mentioned Brayton in another post, but I don’t know which one exactly. I loved his first EP, and Jaywalk is still one of my favorite pick me up songs.

He released his second EP a while back, and he just deserves so many more fans than he already has. Totally go check him out!

I found out about him from one of ThatsSoJack’s videos a really long while ago.

I think I’ve heard one or two music bloggers talk about him, but I haven’t heard a lot. So it counts.

My favorite songs include Jaywalk, Skin Deep, Side, and Stephen.

brayton bowwman


Oh Wonder

Now that their album is out, they’re not really that underrated… but they deserve a lot more fans, so…

I first heard one of their songs when Connor Franta mentioned them in a favorites video, and I trust Connor’s music taste.

Their album is just perfect! I wanted to write a music review on it, but album reviews take up a big chunk of time, but we’ll see.


Pheobe Ryan

I also mentioned this artist in a post once too, but I think Pheobe isn’t underrated anymore after Taylor Swift tweeted about her, but again, she isn’t that widely talked about here.

She only has 1 EP out, but it’s really really good. I was obsessed with the a song called dead, and the remix of mine. 

Her music is really catchy, but I’m a bit iffy about her lyrics; if you’ve heard one of her songs, then tell me what you thought of her lyrics.

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