10 Songs I’m Loving at the Moment #5 | Music

Hey, beautiful! I’m back with another 10 songs I’m loving at the moment.

I used to do one of these posts every month, but I forgot to post one in December, so just forgive me.

I’ll be continuing this series of posts, -hopefully-.

I always give you this little discaimer before these posts, but I just need to tell you; people have different tastes in music, so you might not like these songs, but just give them a try…

So lets just get into this!


  1. Acceptance in the Wave by ICE NINE KILLS
  2. Cracked by Penatonix
  3. Dazzle by Oh Wonder
  4. Boom by Simple Plan
  5. Temporary Fix by One Direction
  6. Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay
  7. The Eye by Brandi Carlile
  8. Beyond the Stars by Evan Blue
  9. Behind the Door by SikTh
  10. All of the Stars by Ed Shereen




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