My Carry-On Essentials (Collaboration) | Travel

Hey, beautiful! Today, I have a travel post for y’all!

I was gonna do a post on my travel tips for nervous travellers, which I’m still thinking of doing, but that’s for another day.

Today’s post is also a collaboration with Chloe from 

As you can see from the title, we’re gonna be doing a carry on essentials post.

I’m actually on vacation as you’re reading this,  so it’s perfect timing for this.

Oh and by the way, I am aware that I have done another carry-on post, but a lot has changed since then.

So lets dive right in!



I got this bag from zara, and thought it was a good size and shape for travel, so I just decided to carry all my junk in it.

You can see it on the zara website, right here. 


The largest thing in my carry on is my laptop, (fun fact:  I named my laptop Michael the Macbook) 

I do have it in a case, but for the sake of the photo, I don’t have that on it at the moment.


The next couple things are my IPad, my glasses, and the book I’m reading at the moment (I actually finished Alienated on the plane, so look forward to a review on that!)


I also have my phone, my over-ear headphones, my earbuds, and my charger case.

All of these are essentials for any flight, so make sure you have them in your bag!


I then have this little bag, where I put the little necessities that I need.

And here is what’s inside:


In the clear bottle, I have contact lens solution, and to go with that I have my contacts case and little individual use eye drops. With that, to clean my glasses, I have some glasses wipes.

I also have my Tea Tree Night face lotion so my face doesn’t dry up. And with that, I have my tea tree oil concentrate, which is amazing for spots.

After that I have my clean and clear oil absorbing sheets, and a pore strip, because we all know i need that…

I also put my Garnier roller eye cooling thing.


And here, I have the rest of the junk that I squeezed in here.

I have a couple pens and a pencil, and with that i shoved in here

Plus I have hand sanitiser and some face  mist that I poured into a spray bottle (that got really handy when my skin got dry on the plane)

I also have an EOS, and my Vaseline lip therapy and brush to apply it.


This is the little make up bag that I took with me on the plane. I only took the essentials, because I actually take my makeup off while flying.


I took my Naked Basics pallet, my elf concealer pallet (which is my all-time favourite). I also took my KIKO blush in 108, and my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (sorry for the dirty packaging).

I have my favourite lipstick at the moment, which is the KIKO lipstick in ___, and the KIKO eyeliner in 11, which is a beautiful shade of purple-y violet colour.

And lastly I have the Maxfactor false lash effect, and the Real Technics setting brush and the expert crease brush (which is my most used brush at the moment).

Thats all I keep in my makeup bag, which may look like a lot, but its really isn’t.

And one last thing that I didn’t mention is makeup wipes to freshen up.




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