Dear Future Self…

Hey, beautiful! Today, I have something exciting for you! I’m doing another collab!

I haven’t done one in a while! And my dear friend, Jessica-Anne from, was sweet enough to accept my offer to collaborate on a post.

Over on her blog, she wrote a post titled Dear Childhood Self, where she addresses herself in the past and tells herself some tips and what she wishes she could’ve done.

I’ve read it, and I agree with 100% of it, and she gives some indirect advice too, so go check that post out, and then come back here.

Over here, on my blog, I’ll be addressing my future self and my wishes.

I hope you enjoy it, and here it goes.

THE (1)

Dear future Rawan,

I hope you’re happy.

You’re not really in the best period of your life at the moment…

You, well I, fucked up a lot this past year -2015-; I wish I could take it back and redo it all, but I hope whatever year you’re reading this, you’re happy.

Did you get your college degree? Do you have a job? Are you still single? Do you still blog? Do you have friends? So many questions I want to ask you.

Has your taste in music changed? That’s a big part of your life at the moment.

Do you still like Andy Biersack? I hope so, because if not, then I know something went wrong between the time I’m writing this and the time you’re reading this. How can you not like him?! He’s a perfect angle!

I hope those cyber-stalkers decided to stop because they’re getting on my last nerves right now. 

Do you still like reading? I think you should because right now, you’re book obsessed!

Going back to your college degree. What did you major in? Did you get a law degree, like you always wanted to? Or did you decide to go in another direction?

Do you write anymore? Because that’s what’s got you through all of the shit you’ve been through to this moment; I’m sure you’ve been through more, but… Writing is a big part of your life at the moment, so I hope you continue.

Did all that studying pay off? Because it really is a hell of a hassle at the moment! 

How’s mom? How’s Dad? Is grandma still alive? She’s one of my favorite people! If mom or dad are somewhere near, then just say hi for me.  

I don’t know what to say to you… I just want you to be happy, because right now, I’m walking through the dark, trying to find that white light, I hope you found it; I hope you got your happy ever after. 





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