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Hey, beautiful! Today, I have asked my dear blogging friend, y Abi Loughlin from Just Being Me to write a guest post for my blog.

I gave her complete freedom, and this is what she came up with! 

(Everything bellow this line is written by Abi)

Hey guys! Actually Hey Rawan’s beautiful readers! Rawan asked me to write a guest post on her blog and I was pleased to accept! To be quite honest I found it really difficult to think of something to right about as I have been trying so study and make it my obsession. I have some really important exams in the next couple months that I need to know my stuff for. So then I thought why not share study tips for you guys and me! 

So let’s get started shall we?

TIP #1

Create a clear workspace. Find a space where you can study everyday, make sure its not cluttered and there is enough room for you to have your books and copies in front of you.

TIP #2

Get rid of all distractions! This is really important. My phone was my biggest distraction so everyday after school I give my mother my phone. And OH MY GOSH it has made me actually concentrate while I’m studying. I don’t get distracted by messages or notifications or spend hours watching videos on youtube. This tip is really really REALLY important.

TIP #3

Ask questions! No question is a stupid question. It’s important to understand what you’re trying to learn. Ask your teachers/ lecturers some helpful study questions because it will benefit you in the long run.

TIP #4

Quiz yourself. After studying a topic and learning what you need to know, test yourself on it. Create test conditions and proceed to test yourself to see how much information you have learned.

TIP #5

Set study goals and create a study plan. In order to achieve exam success you need to know what you want to achieve. You should outline what you want to achieve and what to do to achieve those goals. 

I hope these were helpful to you and I really hope I didn’t bore you! 

Thanks for reading!

Abi x







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