Shows I Want to Start |TV and Movies

Hey, beautiful! Today, I will be listing some shows that I want to start watching.

As you may know, I am a very TV/Movie obsessed person, so some of these may be a surprise.

So if you watch any of these shows that I’ll mention, just tell me what you think about it in the comments.

  • Supernatural

My friends are Supernatural obsessed, that it just makes me want to watch it so I know what they’re talking about.

And not to mention, that I am really into horror movies/shows, so this is right up my ally.


  • Friends

This is one of the shows that are a classic, but I never really got into.

You may know that I am a big fan of How I Met Your Mother, so this is just an automatic recommendation.

I also think I will watching this really soon…


  • Drop Dead Diva

Mariam recommended this to me a while ago, and it always sounds so interesting, so that kinda is why I want to watch it.

I don’t know much about this show, but I know that it’s about this model who gets put in a law student’s life. That already is an amazing plot to me, so let’s see…


  • Arrow

I think that you would know that I love the Flash, and the last episode was an arrow/flash crossover, and the little bits of the Arrow that I watched were epic. 

I guess I will be watching this on my trip soon. I will eat up those 4 seasons up on that plane ride!


  • Blindspot

And last but not least, Blindspot. I was scrolling through the shows on TV, when I found this.

And the plot is so epic! The main character has all these tattoos, and they all are all clues to finding her identity.

I think it’s either 1 or 2 seasons, so it won’t be hard to catch up.





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