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Hey, beautiful! Today, I’m gonna be sharing some of my favorite YouTubers with you today.

These aren’t all of my favorites, so let’s just call this part #1, I will update it soon.

But before I start the post, I’m gonna talk about something I noticed about my content. I noticed that I keep posting about music and books, and nothing else. So I’ll try to post more of a diverse and wider variety of content.

And I have mid-terms coming up, so if I miss a post or two don’t get mad.

Now on to the post.


If you don’t know about the BookTube community, let me just explain it to you.

BookTube is a community of people who review, talk about and recommend books. Basically Beauty-Gurus for books.

Sasha was one of the first book tubers that I watched, and she really did pull me into this whole world.

I watch her google hangouts every time! You don’t understand how much I relate to her.


I think  Emma is going to be my favorite book tuber.

She is just so enthusiastic and has such an amazing taste in books.

Most of my favorite books that I have read are recommended to me from her.

She’s just plain amazing!


Okay, so first I thought that Jesse was just annoying. He was too loud and obnoxious; but then he grew on me, and I am just hooked now.

He was a big part of my reading life, and he is just, yeah…

I told Jana about him, and now we’re obsessed!

You should really check him out if you’re into books, and even if you’re not!


The same thing goes with Christine. I thought she was too loud, but when I started watching Jesse, he kinda introduced me to her.

She has a lot of good book recommendations and funny bookish skits.

She’s just really funny, but still, gives you the information you want.



I think you would know what games are, but if not, I’ll just give you a little overview.

Gamers are people who play video games on camera. It’s simple.

I think that if you read some of my older posts, you know that Mitch was my all-time favorite YouTube for a long while, but then I started branching out. He is still the best gamer. 

Not to mention how fucking hot he is. 😝

He is mostly a Minecraft gamer, but he plays other video games on his other channel.


Jerome is also one of Mitch’s best friends, and they make videos together most of the time; so that’s a plus on my side.

Jerome’s sense of humor just kills me sometimes, and I just wish to meet these guys one day.

He is also mainly a Minecraft gamer, but he has another channel where he plays others.


I am not the hugest fan of FIFA, so I always though KSI just wasn’t for me, but his second channel has a lot more lets plays of a larger variety of games.

I’m just gonna say that calling video games ‘games’ makes me feel like I’m disrespecting them, but I promise I’m not.



I think you know what Vloggers are, but if not, then they are just people who make random videos or follow mearounds.

How can you not like Dan? He is me in guy form, I swear.

He has the most fucked up sense of humour, and is just relatable in general.

His skits just really crack me up, and yeah…

I’m not good at describing people, as you see….

photo (1)

Tyler is by far one of my favourite YouTubers/Vloggers. WHY CAN’T WE BE BEST FRIENDS?!

Tyler has to be the funniest vlogger out there, not to mention how contagious his laugh is.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: If you haven’t watched any of Tyler’s videos, then you really are missing it.


I think that if you’ve been here for a while you know that I’m a big fan of Troye’s music. I have a shit ton of posts about it, which you can read. 

But can we just talk about how hot the little wink at the end is?! That just gives me way too much feels!

If Troye wasn’t gay, I would be all up in his business, if you know what I mean😉


Shane is just a classic. I still remember the day I saw one of his first videos. I was there from the Superluv days, and will stay till the end.

It’s just simple, how can you not like shane?!


Johnnie is a new addition to this list, but I hope he stays.

He is part of a collab channel called MyDigitalEscape, and I love all of them, but Johnnie has a bit if my heart.

And WOW! Those spiderbites make him look so good...😍





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